Sideshow Freaks --- Strange People And Managers


Back in the days Barnum had

his freaks in the center of the mena-

gerie and featured Tom Thumb.


The Seven Sunderland Sisters with

hair 11 feet long. Zip, a pin-head. Joe



Joe the Dog face man. Lionel, the lion

face man from Germany. Chang and

Eng, the original Siamese twins, jigs,

born in North Carolina in 1851.  Letini,

the three-legged man.  Mlle Zaza,

wonderful female freak, half girl from

France. Signor Lewande, iron jaw man

who lifted 1400 pounds with his teeth.

GabrielleGuenther, half woman, where

nature made an attractive beauty,

healthy, intelligent and completed an

excellent job down to the hip bones

and then entirely forgot to finish the

rest of her body, she was a charm.


Barnum featured the bearded lady

from France in 1842.  He also had the

fake mermaid, Cardiff the Giant and

Wooley Horse, all three were fakes.


Pete Robinson, living skeleton.  Angus

McAskill, Scot gain who had a chest

expansion of 80 inches.  Anna Swan 7

feet and 5 inches tall.  Admiral Dot, 2

feet tall. Major Newell, 27 inches tall.

Buckinger, armless and legless man.

Tom Wedders, with a nose 71/2 inches

long who was an Englishman.  The boy

with a tail from Borneo.  Ellis Phillps,

human pin cushion.  Betty Broadbent,



Tattooed Venus. Frieda Pushnik, half

girl. Al Tomain, giant, Tex Madsene,

Texas giant, 7 feet and 6 inches tall.

Jack Earl, 8 feet and 4 inches tall.  Ted

Evans, giant from Derbyshire, England

9 feet tall.  Niles Darden, 7 feet tall and

weighed 1,000 pounds.  Robert Wallow,

giant, 8 feet and 4 inches tall.  Hugo

French, giant.  Col. Goshen, the Pales-

tine giant, 8 feet and 6 inches tall. Clif-

ford Thompson, giant, 8 feet and 7

inches tall.  Bob Pershing, wardlaw

giant, 8 feet and 11  inches tall.  Chang,

Chinese giant, 8 feet and 7 inches tall.


Big jig giant on the Beatty Circus last

season. N. Bikin, French giant.  Van

Albert, 9 feet and 3 inches tall.


Harry Odell, the man that grows,

increasing his height 8 inches. Alex-

andra, the two face man.  Ralph the

elephant skin man. Yvonne and Yvette,

2 jig girls with tops of heads grown

together. Carolin Rosco, giantess. Ohjo,

the bearded lady with 10 inches of

real whiskers.  Joseph Blazek, Siamese,

born in Bohemia in 1887.  The Famous

Hilton Twins, Daisy and Violet.  The

Gibbs Twins.  The Godinos, Siamese

boys from the Philippines.  The Lip Jigs

from Africa, Barney Ross, Sealo, Hop-

py, Eko, and Iko.



Chief and Friday, back years ago

with Boddy Kane.  Earl's Midgets. The

Roes Midgets.  Hargrave Cuban Siamese

girls. Donald McGregor, the Scot giant.

Jolly Joe, the fat man.  the Mule Face

Woman.  The Blue Man. Lalou, the

double body.  Prince Ludwig, midget.


Betty, the alligator girl. Rose Westlake,

big snakes. Joe Edwards, big snakes.

Harry Seber had a half man on the

Beatty Circus.  Ted Metz had the great




Randion, the Hindu, armless and leg-

less, a great attraction.  To top it all

is George Surtees with Schlitzie, the

greatest outside bally or inside on plat-


form you ever saw.  Anna Redline, fat

girl.  Nettie, the fat girl, Jolly Jose-

phine, fat girl.  Alice from Dallas, fat

girl, weight 608 pounds


Corette, midget doll, 21 inches tall.

Estella Sherman, the worlds smallest

mother and grandmother, 44 inches

tall.  Princess Tiny Mite, Rector, the

human skeleton.  Tom Ton, the fat boy,

weight 654 pounds.  Alpine, famous

Florida fat girl, weight 736 pounds.  Doc

Garfield, the man without a skull. Ba-

ron  Gutisseppe, the smallest man, Prin-

cess Elizabeth, the tiny doll.  Grace Gil-

bert, bearded woman.  Francis O'Con-

ner, armless girl.  Bully Pilgrim, arm-

less and legless man. Clyde Gooding

with his twins and the big fat jig.  Cal

Lipe's Cobra snake and little horses.

Johnny Branson with his sea cow.

Ray Marsh Brydon, sideshow freaks

galore.  Joe Glacy, sideshow Harry

Seber, girl show at the Toronto Exposi-

tion every year.  Arthur Hoffman, side

show manager.  Charlie Cox, sideshow

manager.  Sam Houston had the Okla-

homa Outlaw and Gold Tooth Jimmy,

two stiffs.  Sonny had the Wax Show

with all the outlaws and murderers in

existence.  Johnny Ward, big snakes.

Mike Golden, sideshow manager.  Bob

Matthews, Flea Circus, the year round

at Long Beach, California. Zack Hargis,

snake king on Venice Pier for years.

John Backman, glass blowing.  Larry

Benner, magician, on the Cole Bros.

Circus. Tex Orton, impalement ac. Olly

Webb, ex-circus manager.  Bert Chip-

man, old-time sideshow manager.  Doc

Palmer, ex-sideshow manager.  Clyde

Engles,  Pete Saunton, Eddie Tate

(Barnum of the Orient),  Skinny Rosen-

thall, George Surtees, all sideshow

managers.  Norman Wolf, sideshow.

Hary Golleb, freak manager.  Jack W.

Wilfred, glass blowing.  Dave Meekin,

Australian sideshow operator.  John E

"Doc" Ogden, sideshow manager, on

many of the big circuses way back.

William weno, lecturer.  Albino Joe on

the Joe Hepp Circus in 1900.


Most all circuses sideshows carry

fire eaters, sword swallowers and

magicians.  Here are a few old-timers:

Zelleno, the mystic.  Waldo, the man



who swallows rats.  Lopez, Punch and

Judy.  Priddy, magic and lecturer.  Louis

Manley, magic, Punch and Judy for

years at Long Beach.  Rudy Decobi,

magic.  Jim Dunn, talker and he could

talk in the hey-days, there were no

mikes and you could hear Jim's voice

a mile.  Anna Budd, sideshow man-

ager.  Joe Glacey, Ujiji African

giantess. Chief Amo Amazon, head

hunter.  Lou Dufour, sideshow man-




Billy Bozell, sideshow.  Nate

Eagle, vet sideshow manager, midget

shows.  Don Gilbert, sideshow.

Coo Coo,  Lady Myrtle, Chico Lorello,

Serpentina.  The Regan sisters, joined

together with salami, fake Siamese

twins, LaLu Wemp Wagel.  Thelman and

Dorrris, Hermines, midgets.  Paul Des-



The Circus Review Summer 1957- by Ben Beno


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