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I found a small (2.5"x 5.5") booklet with St. Nicholas Garden and his picture on the front. I scanned the whole booklet and attached if you want to see it. This was found at an estate sale in nearby Bristol, Va. No one knew of any connections.


Thanks, Richard Begley TN.




"The Pan-American"


It is generally conceded that, from

a financial standpoint, the above

Grand Exposition was a failure.


Director Bostock


can, however, point with pride to his

excellent showing there and recalls with

pleasure the enormous success he



From the Opening Until the Close


the Bostock Trained Animals were the

talk of all Exposition visitors; nearly a

million of patrons were recorded by tickets

sold; there were no dissenting voices, all

were pleased, in fact, the concentus of

opinion was that


Bostock's 27 - Lion Groupings and

              the Electric Tower were "the

              features" of the "Pan."





















To the Gotham Public.


The time having arrived when I consider my

exhibition to be of such a magnitude and mer-

torious standard as to warrant its presentation

in the foremost city of this country, it is my



Pleasure to announce that I have leased or the months of October and November the commond-

ious and well-appointed building, favorable

known as the St. Nicholas Garden, where it is my

determination to present the most wonderful ex-

hibition of its kind in the world.  I use the term

in its broadest sense, because, while the entertain-

ment is without parallel in amusement history in


The novelty of its character, and the distinctive

features it offers, it possess a peculiar and ex-

traordinary interest from an educational and in-

structive standpoint.  I think I can safely say that

never before has it been demonstrated that animal

creation could be brought to such a high level in

the development of mind and instinct.  For that

reason and because of the object lesson that I

think I will be able to inculcate, marking an epoch

in the history of animal development, I feel per-

fectly secure in placing myself in the hands of the

people of Greater New York.


I have the honor to remain, the publics obe-

dient servent,









That Director Bostock's season at the St. Nicholas

Garden constitutes the first appearance in New

York of his truly remarkable Zoological Congress

and exhibitions of examples of almost superhuman

control over wild animals, a description is some-

what necessary.  The limited space afforded in

these pages will not permit more than an ex-

tremely brief survey which is set forward as

concisely as possible.


The Building selected by Mr. Bostock is lo-

cated on 66th Street and Columbus Avenue; is

easy of access from all parts of the city and sub-

urbs and its vast measurements lend to its other

excellent equipments for the organizing of a su-

perb and realistic Zoological Garden.  Encircling

the entire interior are upwards of 100 cages form-

ing the homes of one of the most complete Wild

Animal collections in the world.




One instance of Director Bostock's control

of the carnivorous species is portrayed in the

unique spectacle of a Lion and Lamb living to-

gether in perfect unity.  This hitherto unheard

of example of wild animal subjugation personi

fies a fulfillment of the scriptural prophecy, "the

Lion and the Lamb shall lie down together." and

has created a furore of interest wherever exhibited.


Animal Infants.


One of the most pleasing features of the

vast collections is the "JUNGLE NURSERY." It

is here that the babies of the zoological

families are special quartered so that visitors may

be allowed to inspect them closely and occasionally,

enjoy the sensation of handling wild beasts, and

also that their infantile wants may be attended

to by human foster-parents.  The lion cubs are

healthy little boys and girls and as playful as the

domestic kitten, while the miniature Tigers are

the only known ones to have been born in cap-

tivity and the remainder of the curious little ani-

mals are all unique in their fluffy, furry little ways.


Our Ancestors.


Subjects of Darwin's Life-work have roomy

quarters in the GYMNASTIC ACADEMY or Monkey

Paradise.  Here vast numbers of the Simian order

have ample scope for an outlet for their boundless

fund of natural humor, while the appointments

give full play for their mischievous doings,

grotesque tendencies and acrobatic abilities.




Lovers of the feathered species may find in-

terest in THE AVIARY, where are displayed trop=

ical and other gaily plumed fowls of the air, in

extensive and beautiful variety.




The slimy snake, the hideous Gila Monster

and many other specimens of things that crawl,

are located in THE VIVARIUM which presents a re-

markable collection of these interesting reptiles

in all their fascinating loathsomeness.


Riding School.


One of the most enjoyable sensations to be

derived from a visit to this extraordinary establish-

ment is in taking advantage of Director Bostock's

innovation, aptly styled THE ORIENTAL CAL-

VACADE, "the sport of Eastern Princes."  In this

novel departure Mr. Bostock places the backs of

his Elephants, Camels, Dromedaries, Quaggas,

Zebras and other animals, at the disposal of his

visitors free of charge and the encircling of the

Garden by these strange processions to the

strains of appropriate music, forms by no means,

the least interesting item of a most versatile and

enjoyable program of pleasure.





Animal Performers


The whole of the foregoing, extensive as it is.

is but an accessory to the performances presented

in the COLOSSAL STEEL ARENA, the interior space

of which affords facilities for the presentation of

the most thrilling and astounding examples of Wild


COMPLISHED.  The back ground of the arena is

painted in resemblance to the interior of the

Colosseum of Rome which adds realism to the

subjects portrayed.  The bars of this mammoth

cage, thirty feet in height, ensures perfect safety

for the audience, and serves to generate a feeling

of security among them, and immunity from danger

when the animals betray 'ugliness' during their

exhibitions.  Within this steel guarded arena,

which is seventy feet in diameter, the WORLD'S


noon and evening, present feats of control over

the most deadly and treacherous Wild Animals the

parallel of which CANNOT BE WITNESSED ANY-

WHERE ELSE ON EARTH.  Lordly Lions, ferocious

Tigers, crouching Leopards and Jaguars, white-

coated Polars, shaggy Grizzlies, snarling Panthers,

Hyenas and Wolves, and Cumbrous Elephants are

made to perform in a manner that may be truly

said to surpass human belief.


Throughout the entire exhibition generally,

appropriate music is furnished by a first-class

military orchestra which greatly adds to the

general gaiety indentified with the presentation.

The door will open daily 1 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Performances in the Steel Arena will commence

at 2.30 and 8.30 respectively.  Carnivora fed at

4.30 to 10.30.




General Admission..................................................50c


Boxes, holding 4,.................................................   6.50

Children half price, afternoons only.


Tickets For Sale at all Leading Hotels.





The Most Wonderful Animal




Director Bostock's Many Wonder-


ful Animals, is, undoubtedly


"Mr. Esau"


A brief description of this human

                    Ape is given on next page,













Mr. Esau!


Man or Ape ?  What is He ?



Such is the question that disturbs the equi-

;librium of all-yes. all of those who are present at

a reception given by this truly remarkable



What a Question?


He is certainly an Ape, certainly!  And yet-

Is He?  Where is to be found an Ape so Human;

in his actions; so Human in his habits; so human

in everything that he does?  And yet-




Two generations have come into the world since

the man died who braved the world's opinion and

scorn and preached a gospel that set the world

agape.  His creed was jeered at by some; regarded

as an outrage on their dead-and-gone ancestors,

by others; believed by a few, a very few.





Died as he had lived, believing in the strange

gospel he had spent his life in an endeavor to set

up.  The world has laughed when his name has

been mentioned and when Darwinism has crept

into its conversation.  But- ESAU!


there have been famous Chimpanzees before,

to wit:-


"Mr. & Mrs. Rooney," of the Central Park Zoo;

"Mr. & Mrs. Rooney," of the Cincinnati Zoo;

"Sally" of the London, England Zoo; "Chico" and

"Johanna: of Barnum fame. But-


Comparisons are Odious!










The above illustration is of a most ex-

quisitly designed  Watch Charm, Composed

of a huge Lion's Claw mounted with pure

gold and studded with costly diamonds and

sapphires.  It was presented to Director

Bostock by the late Queen Victoria in

appreciation of a Lion Performance given

by him before her in the Jubilee Year of

her reign, 1887





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