Just Reminiscing Here


Just reminiscing here.... back when I made a 2-headed bouncer for the last Hall & Christ baby show, I also made a 2-headed baby rattle. Then I took a couple plastic baby bottles, cut them down the middle - a little off center- and glued them together for a double bottle with two nipples. There was something else I can't recall now, maybe a 2-headed teddy bear or something...


When I ran the old baby show back in the early 70's, I hung a clothesline with diapers behind the bannerline, and found an old stroller someplace that I parked under the clothesline. Had a few people ask about that after coming out of the show, so I'd tell them oh, my ticket seller has a baby... Never said those belonged to the ones inside the show.


On days when I had no ticket seller and ran it solo, I had a sign for when I had to take a quick run to the donniker..."Baby feeding time. Please come back in a few minutes, thanks" I had a lot of fun with that show!


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