What's the Weirdest Single-o on the Midway?   


by John Strong

Everyone can remember the Shows they've seen over the years.

However to answer the question what is/was the weirdest Single-o on the midway?

I have listed several here.

The 6 Foot Man Eating Chicken! You thought you were going to see a six foot tall chicken, However when you entered the tent there would be a 6 foot tall man standing eating a bucket of cooked chicken!

Or how about!

Hey! All you can eat for a quarter - Hey all you can eat for a quarter?

You thought you were going to eat all you wanted of some great food?



When you went in there would be a bale of HAY in the middle of the tent! You could eat all the hay you wanted? But most laughed and than sent in there friends to get tricked too.

Or how about NO Arms, No Legs, No Bones in her body? What is it?

When you entered the show you would see a girl in a box with a hole in the middle, the only thing sticking out would be her head!

Or the infamous Shadow Girl? On the inside you would see girl's behind a curtain. They would be taking off their cloths and playing with their breasts, but you would only see their shadows behind the curtain!

The Single-o Girl Show?

This show used only one girl doing a strip tease! Most of the time this Show would do better than a big Girl Show since you needed only one Girl and the overhead was much less!

I could go on and on?



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