Big Letters & The Elephant

by Jimmy Zajicek



When I worked for Culpepper and Merriweather we bought a trailer from the Reverend Jimmy Goodbar, he sold us an old Frito-Lay trailer that said "Jesus Is Lord over Donny Johnson Ministries" (not the Donny Johnson of Clyde Bros. fame) in big

letters on each side.

Since we had some winter spots, we had to wait to paint it out and build it in.

So I loaded the Elephant and off we went, people would drive up along side of me and give me a Big thumbs up, or make the sign of the cross to me as they sped by!

When I arrived at the first spot the elephant had poked a hole through the side as it wasn't built in yet. So on the next jump I had a guy on the show ride in the back with the elephant to keep her company so she wouldn't destroy the trailer till I could work on it.

On the jump I stopped for gas, but before I pumped it I opened the roll-up door in the back about 2ft. to let some more air in, then filled the tank. I paid for the gas and bought myself and the and the guy in the back a coffee and Hostess cherry pie.

cherry pie.

When I walked out to trailer I set his coffee and pie inside the trailer and closed the door. Then I heard a voice, Hey was that a elephant, I turned to the man and said "yea 15 minutes ago it was a bunny rabbit!" and drove off.


To this day, I wonder what that man thought as to why an elephant was in a trailer that said Jesus is Lord... written in big letters down both sides of a trailer? 


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