It's Common Courtesy


On a visit to Connecticut Harvey got mad that he wasn't admitted free to the PT Barnum Museum in Bridgeport.  He said the common courtesy among museum proprietors is to give free admission to each other. He gave his business card to the ticket seller at in Bridgeport, and invited her to come see his museum. She thanked him, but said he would still have to pay to get in.


Also while we were in Bridgeport, we visited a man selling Indian artifacts. Harvey was interested in a skeleton the man had for sale.  After Harvey bought the bones, the seller kinda lowered his voice and told him he had "something" else he might like. The seller went and got a picture frame with a mass of skin and hair enclosed.  He said it was the scalp of a little redheaded girl.  Harvey said we had to leave. Back in truck he told me how disgusting he thought it was that the guy was selling a child's scalp. I thought he was being a bit of a hypocrite since he once had an interest in pickled punks. (Yeech!)  But, I now think he was offended that the guy was selling some-thing that was obtained through the murder of a child rather than a stillbirth.


-Bryan Bass


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