I walked down to the cookhouse and ran into the ole showmen Scaggs Malloy, I bought him a cup of his pleasure.. an asked him.. Scaggs, what would you call a show like the B.C.S,?

He replied " the 1st mistake in your life is your mother shoulda named you "Mark"
2nd there hasn't been a show out here for at least 20 yrs! Son what you've got is a "Walmart"..

A walmart? what the #&!? are you talkin about Scaggs... He shook his head as if I'd never spent 27 + yrs, on the sawdust trail..

KId when you played those backwater towns with Culpecker.. what did all those towns have...that they don't have now!!!

I'm confused Scaggs? damn 1st of may punk he called me.. Look KId use yer brain.. In the day most of the Carnival was backend shows... and most towns had downtowns, now, downtown is on the edge of town called Walmart, is it good, some say no,

But Scaggs, Rides killed the backend, not shows,

Maybe so Kid, you want the "truth or smoke blown up yer ...."

The truth Scaggs I want the truth!

You can't handle the truth Kid but here it is....The great shows of Kelly and Sutton, Hall And Christ, Pete Cortez, Sam Alexander and the rest would of ate you for lunch.... but the DAY is gone kid just like ole downtown, so what we're left with is Walmart and shows like
yours, but don't feel bad Kid, most people are to young to know what they had and to curious to realize what you don't really have...gotta go Kid...

As for me, I'm still confused, I think I'll eat at Dennys for bit. 

The Curator


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