P. T. Barnun's
Great Traveling




Caravan, and Hippodrome.



THE MOST STUPENDOUS EXHIBITION ON EARTH comprising the largest, most novel, most varied, most interesting, and most comprehensive EXPOSITION OF MORAL AND INSTRUCTIVE AMUSEMENTS ever brought together in any country, presenting to the public. 


Three Distinct Entertainments, in three different tents, for one single price of admission,

is now on its triumphal tour through the country, and will devote the whole of the present season to the NEW ENGLAND STATES.  This Great Exposition of the Wonders of all Nations comprises 500 Men and Horses;  Living Wild Animals and Strange Reptiles in infinite variety; 100,000 Curiosities, animate and inanimate, including Giants, Dwarfs, and other human phenomena: moving Automation Figures, Egyptian Mummies, Wax Statuary, and other objects  of interest, that it would require columns to enumerate; and DAN COSTELLO"S MAGNIFICENT CIRCUS, with fifty talented performers from all parts of the world and a unapproachable collection of performing Horses and Ponies, the whole brought together at an expenditure of over Half a Million Dollars, and all exhibited for a single tour this monster establishment has archived a success without parallel, and although Its three enormous tents have been enlarged again and again, in the large cities thousands have been turned away at each entertainment for want of room,  The STRICTLY MORAL CHARACTER of all the entertainments and the care taken to render the Exhibition in all its departments entirely free from any features which could be deemed objectionable to the religions portion of the community, have received a cheerful re- cognition from the public and the press, and have contributed in a great measure to the unbounded popularity of the establishment,  All the leading New York papers, and the most respectable and influential journals wherever it has been, have united in pro- nouncing BARNUM'S NEW SHOW the most gigantic, meritorions, unique, refined, and attractive Exhibition extant.  Its progress through the Eastern States will be duly announced through the local papers and by Lavish use of illustrated advertisements, large and small which will afford particulars in all their detail.       


Advertisement for Barnum's Traveling Museum from the Orange Judd & Co's American Agriculturist, July 1871 Vol. xxx ,Number 7


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