Trouble at the Next Spot!

By Jeff Murray


Trouble at the next spot!  It was in Springfield. In order to stay clean, Harold would strip down completely naked inside the sideshow tent, and we would take a hose and spray him off.  (He was the Fat Man on our show).

His belly hung so low, that it covered his genitals, so he kind of looked like a big blob rotating in the middle of the tent while we hosed him down. Then he would stay naked and rotate until the summer heat dried him off. They make no towel big enough to fit around him.

Well, one day after spraying him down, we left for town...yes, again, and upon my return another call to the fair office. One of the ladies from the committee had been taking a group of church women around the grounds before the fair opened. Just for fun, they decided to peek into the sideshow. Well, to their utter horror, they got a gander at a seven hundred pound naked fat man rotating in the middle of the tent.  I guess this caused much shock and swooning and the incident was reported to the authorities.

Well, I dodged this one too by simply saying that I paid for the spot where the sideshow was located, making it my property while the fair was in progress and the ladies were trespassing.  It might not have been legal, but it worked and they left us alone after that.


    Drawing by JRR


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