The Adventure of the Giant Rats and Horse Trailer

by John Strong


During the day I let my Giant Rats (Capys) run free in the front of my horse trailer! (Or should I say Jimmy Z's horse trailer). Anyway at the end of the day I put them into a giant dog kennel.

To do this I scare them into the dog kennel from the other side of the horse trailer!  They are smart and normally go right in! However two nights ago I was putting them up when I thought both were in the Kennel?  I left the door open to the horse trailer and went to get my dwarf little horse. When I got back a few mins. later one of the Capys was out in the open out of the horse trailer and was standing right in front of the trailer!  I said Oh S#%T!    I took the kennel with the other Capy out of the front of the trailer, and put it down along a fence behind the trailer. I was thinking to my self, well at least I have one Capy left if I can't catch the other one!!  As soon as I said that to myself, the one in the kennel pushed hard against the door of the kennel and he too was loose!  He jumped right through the fence and went into some ones backyard!


I forgot about that one for the moment and tried to catch the one that was along the fence?  I asked a few of the elephant guys to help and we were able to scare the female Capy back into the kennel!  I put her back loose in the front of the horse trailer and went looking for her mate.


I went around the front end of the trailer and asked a few of the neighbors if they saw my "GIANT 100 pound RAT running around loose in their yard!  One lady ask is that what that animal swimming in our pool is?  "I was just going to call the police!"  I said don't do that but can you get on your bathing suit and dive into your pool and scare that animal out of the water? 


She said are you CRAZY?


Ok can I go into your pool and scare him out?  Be my guess she said!  So I climbed down into her pool and was able to catch that Capy as well!


So now it was time to return the Capy to the kennel.  I was about half way back to the trailer with the Capy when he pushed the cage open again off he went.  I was able to corner him again along the wire fence. I was able to catch him once more.  I was tired, wet, and my heart was pounding a mile a minute  It was such a relief to have both of my  Capys I was so glad I was able to get my Capys caged, safe and returned home.  I really think these animals are pretty cool.

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