The Blade Box


From Bobby Reynolds & Jack Waller Combine Sideshow!


submitted by John Strong


Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to introduce you to a very special young lady.  Her name is  Miss Lucy Dine.  Miss Dine come from a long line of performers.  Her Mother used to work the World's Fair and perform on a high platform.  She also worked completely in the nude!


Now we are going to ask "LUCY" to remove her costume!  Now I am not doing this to be lewd or crude.  She must remove her cloths to perform her Act.


This cabinet use to be used in the world wars!  They use to place their victims in the cabinet, then take these 13 steel blades and insert them one at a time.  Can you imagine inserting one in at a time.  Maybe hitting a arm a Leg?  Now we are NOT going to cut this beautiful young Lady.


For you see at this very moment Lucy is bending, twisting and contorting her body in and around ALL these blades of steel!  Just like a snake in the grass, this young lady can bend her body in and around all these blades of steel!


But the best part of her Act is when we have all 13 blades into the cabinet.  Then she is going to invite each and everyone of you up here to see her twisted and tangled around these steel blades!  Also see the texture of her skin!


If I can get you all to line up at the foot of the steps.  As soon as I get the last blade in we will let you up to see this beautiful young Lady.


Now if I can get you all to line up at the foot of the stairs! In a straight line please.  Now Lucy does not get paid for this!  How she does get paid is through your generosity and your curiosity!  For you see the young lady feels that exposing her act and also her body that it is worth one dollar!  Which she makes NO apologies for!  So please hand your dollar to the Man at the foot of the steps and come up and see this poor little girl.  How does she do it?  How does she live? 


She live's through your generosity, your curiosity and she does quite well!  She thanks you for coming up!  Anyone else?  It's a sight your will never see again.  She is twisted around the blades of steel. 


Like a fire hose around a tree.  Or a snake in the grass!  Like a piece of spaghetti on a plate.  Anyone else now?  Lets go!  Don't miss the 8 wonder of the world Miss Lucy Dine etc..................


Jack Waller was a friend of mine and also Lee's!  He was a great Showman!  Someone to really look up too!  When he died he willed me his 10 in one.  Also his great blade box!  Only if after he was cremated I would add his ashes to the paint of the "NEW" season paint in the blade box!  For you see he always wanted a pretty girl under him at all times!! 



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