Accessible Restrooms, NOT!


By Jeff Murray


Harold and I were in Ohio playing a small fair with Nolan Amusements (Harold was the Fat Man on the sideshow that year).

I left the lot for a run to town with Otis for some grocery shopping. Upon our return I was cornered by the fair board people and the carnival owners wanting to know who was paying for the damages created by the sideshow Fat Man. Hell, I've been gone, what are you talking about?

Well, it seems that he felt the call of nature during my absence and went to use the public restrooms. There were four toilets each separated by a block brick wall. Harold went to use the stall on the far end. The number one stall. Numbers two and three were empty and the fourth had a man in it. He dropped his drawers and as he went to sit down, he used the walls to support himself. Well, he pushed the wall over which in turn hit the next wall and like dominos they all came down crushing the toilets and nearly killing the man at the end. It ends up with Harold sitting there with his pants around his ankles on the only remaining intact toilet in the menís room and the rest of the place destroyed.

The farmer managed to escape with his life, but the place was ruined. Probably three thousand dollars damage to rebuild and replace everything. The fair people wanted to know what I was going to do.  Thinking fast, I said I hope my Fat Man doesn't sue you people.  What kind of a public facility are you operating?  He could have been killed, and the other man too. I won't pay you anything, why should I?  I'll probably have to talk to him all night to keep him from retaining a lawyer to sue you.

Well, they fell for it, and I didn't hear anymore about it.


Image by JRR


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