The Night Zamora Winced

A recollection from Doug Higley


About 5 years ago, I was sitting around cutting up jackpots at Knott's Scary Farm with Tim Cridland (Zamora) and David Markham (The Miracle Man).

To set the stage, Tim is in my estimation the penultimate premier 'torture' act there ever was. Impervious to pain (or so it seems) and immune to being grossed out (or so it would seem). Tougher than the steel he jams in through his chin. 


David Markham is an excellent performer who is not as well known, although he was recently in "Carnivale", HBO's Theater Obscura. David is a Sword Swallower, TRULY amazing Strong man, Whip Act, Fire etc. and a very funny guy to boot. Tim, is not the funniest guy I ever met and believe it or not is rather reserved and quiet and a real gentleman. (Sorry Tim). we are sitting in some small bleachers and David is telling one of his tales from the road.  About this 'Swallower' who also did the Blockhead with wooden Chop Sticks (Chinese Tableware) that had an invisible SPLINTER.  So that when he pulled out the Chop Stick, the splinter jammed inside his nose so it couldn't be drawn out.  Now there is no one hearing this that can not imagine the pain that went along with this...not even the master of such, Zamora...who deeply WINCED and got a shoulder shaking chill and shuddered at the thought.
Now...who'd a thunk!


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