by Charles Keeler


When I had my balloon dart game, setting up that joint was like setting up a ride. Besides the joint set up I had four trunks full of slum to unload and put out "FLASH" for display around my joint.

The first time I played with Bill Collins, was Muskogee, Oklahoma. We had been waiting a couple of days for locations and when we finely got them everyone started jamming up all the roads trying to get set up. I had just finished setting up my joint and started getting out the balloon boards. They were very heavy weighing about eighty pounds a piece. As soon as I unloaded one I would put it up as I went along.

Anyway while I was setting up my balloon boards this young man came over to where I was unloading. He told me that I had to move my truck. I looked at him and said "I would like to finish unloading my truck and that I would move as soon as I was finished." The boards were heavy so I didn't want to have to carry them all over the place to get set up. He told me again, "you have to move NOW!!!" I told him "I wasn't going to move until I was ready!"

Well, I don't think I made him very happy, when he left, about 20 minutes later this Husky little lady showed up where I was still unloading. She told me that she was Mrs. Collins and she was the owner of this show. She then let me know in not so many words that when her son tells me to move, then you move and you better never talk back to my son again.

As you probably know, I said "Yes Ma'am" and moved my truck as fast as I could. LOL


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