"Losum Game" This term is often given by some as a carny term for a game play that should be aborted. However, it is almost certainly a misunderstanding of the German or Yiddish "lassen ihn gehen," pronounced "loz im gain," meaning "let him go." If a carny knows that further playing of a particular mark will present a problem, he will tell his co-worker "loz im gain" instead of saying "You're fleecing the sheriff's son, you idiot, now cut it out!" The agent needs to end the game and possibly refund the mark's money rather than find out what the consequences might have been. You can see the phrase used (though not in a carnival context) in a scene featuring Mel Brooks as an indian in "Blazing Saddles." My source says "I remember an old flattie who was playing a mark and the head of the store told him to "loz im gain".  The mark, probably Jewish and thus knowing the term, replied "Hell, why didn't you say 'loz im gain' 40 bucks ago?"


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