A FRENCH philosopher of the last century remarked that we take pleasure in the misfortunes of our neighbors. He is dead, but his saying survives, and dime museums are living witnesses of its truth.  Their prosperity depends upon their freaks, and it is the deformity of the freak that attracts.


There are no set rules by which it can be decided that a given person of animal is or is not a freak.  It might be thought that the supply of idiots in this world was large enough to keep prices down, in accordance with accepted principles of political economy; yet several idiots are at this moment exciting the curiosity of people who have paid ten cents each to see them, and showmen glad to hire them at fifty dollars a week.   Idiots are generally genuine Aztec children or Wild Boys from Australia.  Again, a little pot-bellied negro boy, with a pointed head, and short, crooked arms and legs, would not draw more than just a passing glance in the annual order of things.  Call him the Turtle Boy and he becomes a freak.


People like to stare at him, and trace that something alien of the boy and turtle, which the genius of the showmen suggests.










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