James G. Mundie

Martha Morris

Elephant Skin Man

Hang Out at the Morgue

Sells Floto Circus

The Cigarette Fiend

Harry Lewis

Obscura Antiques & Oddities

Pickled Punks

J. B. Garrison

Mutter Museum

Atkinson's Skulls

Strange People

Morbid Anatomy Museum

Freaks of Nature

See Jo-Jo the Dog Faced Boy


Buster Scot - Big Feet

Ethel Granger


Souvenir de Lesitte

The Baseball Sideshow


Lewis Love

Count Orloff


Frank Worden Ossified Man

Anne Leak


Colored Plates

Alice Bound & Mother


Lobster Girl

Life of W. T. Sapp


The Ohio Big Foot Girl


Medical Postcards




Large Leg Woman


Engraving  1834-1839 Genetic    Monstrosities


Samuel P. Dinsmoor & His Concrete Casket


Paul Sugiuchi Collection?




















































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