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The contents of this section are dangerous. Misuse of the material can cheapen an art form or at the very least make you look stupid. More importantly, misuse of this information may result in jail time or death. Do not attempt any of these tricks without the direct supervision of a responsible professional.


The Paper Boil

Make a cup from a tightly folded piece of paper and fill it half way with water. Bring a lit candle underneath it. The water will start boiling but the cup won’t catch fire.


Glass and Science

Position a glass bottle in front of a lit candle. If you blow against the bottle, the candle flame goes out, even though you blow against a “wall.”


Secret: The air currents from your breath are divided, but they join on the opposite side of the bottle to extinguish the flame.

Bend a Nail with Your Hands

To start, choose a light penny nail. After a few successful sessions, you’ll be able to use stronger and bigger caliber nails. Place the nail on a piece of cloth, like a bandana or handkerchief, and wrap each end of it. The more wrapping you do, the safer it will be for your hands and the better grip you’ll get on it.


This done, place the wrapped nail on your leg above a bent knee. By pushing each end down, bend it in the middle. Nails are easier to bend than most people think.


A Quarter is Too Heavy to Lift

You need a hard cover book, a regular wineglass, a bandana, and a quarter.


Place the book flat in the palm of one hand and hold it with the thumb. Put the wine glass on top of the book and spread the bandana on top to cover

everything. Ask someone if he can lift the glass, which of course he can.


Now put a quarter inside the glass and spread the bandana to cover everything again. Under cover of the bandana, secretly move your index finger to hold the foot of the glass firmly with the thumb.


When the person is asked to lift it again, he will have difficulty doing it, as though weight has been added to the glass.


Before showing the glass and book again, replace your index finger to its original position.


Spoon Boom

This is a bar bet I actually saw take place one time in Australia.


Sitting in a booth next to me were a tourist and an Aussie hustler. The hustler broke the ice with a story about how his father was driving down the road and hit a kangaroo. His father propped it up and put his jacket on the roo so he could get a picture taken with it. Right when he was preparing to pose, the kangaroo’s eyes popped open and he hopped away into the bush wearing the jacket. He had only been stunned.


After a few beers, the hustler stuck the handle of a spoon between his teeth and tried rapping the spoon’s end on the table. He took it out of his mouth and said: “It sure is difficult to hit something hard with the spoon between the teeth.”


When it was time to order another beer, the hustler proposed that whoever can hit the other the hardest on the head with the spoon wins a beer. He told the tourist to put the spoon in his mouth. The hustler lowered his head and said: “OK, hit me as hard as you can.” The tourist tried but it hurt his teeth. When it was the hustler’s turn, and the tourist lowered his head, a friend of the hustler’s came up from behind with a spoon in his hand and smacked the tourist sharply on the head. Since his head was down, he didn’t know he was hit from behind, so he paid for the beer. It’s amazing what people will do to get a free beer!

Dad’s Favorite

There is no trick that I have seen more times than my dad’s favorite prediction.


This trick is so simple that I’m worried that you might slap me after reading it. So before you raise a hand to take a swat at my face, try it.


Like my daddy used to say, “This will baffle’em.”


When guests visited, my father would point to an envelope with an ashtray on top of it and say: “Before you came over tonight I wrote a prediction on that envelope.” He’d pick up salt and pepper shakers and say: “These two shakers look exactly alike, except for the initials on top. I want you to choose the “S” or the “P.” After the selection, dad would go to the envelope and prove that he had predicted the right choice. At first, his friends would protest that he had a 50/50 chance. So my father told them that any time they came over he would have the envelope waiting. So from then on, every time they came over he would do it with different items like two cards “Pick the King Or the Jack,” or “Pick either mustard or ketchup.” It didn’t matter, my father was always right.


Sorry dad, but I’m going to give the family secret away.


Secret: He would select two items ahead of time. Let’s say quarters with different dates. He’d write one date on the envelope, and the other date on a piece of paper that he put inside the envelope. He’d set the envelope on the table with the date side facing down, and place the ashtray on top of it. It didn’t matter which one they picked. If it was the date on the envelope, he would take the ashtray off and turn it over. If they picked the date on the paper, he would just reach in and pull it out.


With both bets covered, Pop’s scam was better than 50/50!


Unusual Lighter

The next time someone asks you for a light, reach into your pocket and produce a flaming match from a matchbook.


Secret: To do this feat, have a prepared matchbook in your pocket. Bend a match forward from the top  folder, then close it behind the bent match. When reaching for the matchbook, hold the back with your fingers, and press firmly the head of the bent match with your thumb on the striking surface until the match is lit.


Be careful, there have been many accidents to sensitive parts of the body due to the matches igniting in the pocket.


Smoke Produced From Sleeve

Anybody can blow smoke down a sleeve and make it come out of the other one.


Secret: Get a soft rubber tubing long enough to reach comfortably to each wrist under your long sleeve shirt. Make sure you can move your arms naturally. Tape each end of the tubing on your wrists, facing the palms of your hands. Now lift your right hand and blow the smoke through the tube. It will look like the smoke comes out of the other sleeve.


The Jerk

Put a plastic cup full of water on top of a napkin on a table. With a sharp jerk, the napkin can be pulled from under the cup without knocking it down.


Artificial Blizzard

Create an artificial blizzard with a wine glass and paper napkins.


Secret: Tear a paper napkin into small pieces. Take a good quality wine glass and rub it awhile with a silk scarf. Make sure all parts are rubbed. Now place the glass upside down and let the pieces of tissue paper drop down on the glass. They will stick to the glass. Once the electricity effect wears off, the scraps will jump off the glass.


One Through Ten

Here is a guessing trick that you will get right every time.


Tell someone that you can read his mind. Ask him to think of a number between one and ten and not to tell you what it is. Wait a few seconds and say: “OK, did you think of one?” They always say yes and you always win.


Face-Up Poker

A hustler asks a mark if he’d bet a game of face-up draw poker.


He spreads a fifty-two card deck face up on the table and says: “I will reach in and pick out any five cards I want and then you reach in and pick out any five cards you want.” The hustler says the dupe wins in the event of a tie, and that he’ll let the dupe take his cards last. They agree the suits are all of the same value. Since the opponent gets to go last on both—deal and draw—it will seem like a sure bet for him to at least get a tie.


The best hand in poker is a royal flush, and to get a tie, all the dupe has to do is take a royal flush in another suit.



The contents of this section are dangerous. Misuse of the material can cheapen an art form or at the very least make you look stupid. More importantly, misuse of this information may result in jail time or death. Do not attempt any of these tricks without the direct supervision of a responsible professional.

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