by Jim Rose


Brain Eraser # One

After doing the feat of recalling the objects that a person has given you (see Memory of an Elephant), tell him that you can erase all objects from your mind except for one.


Ask him to randomly cross out each object and to say loudly at the same time what it is. For example: ďIím crossing out the number six, Iím crossing out the number ten, Iím crossing out the number three,Ē etc, until one number is left. Immediately you can recall the exact item that corresponds to the remaining number.


Secret: When the volunteer crosses out the objects, add the numbers together in your head. Once all 29 numbers are called out, subtract the total from 465.

The number you get will be the only one left.


When working with thirty objects, know that if you add the numbers together you get a total of 465.  If you are working with twenty objects, the total of these numbers is 210. If you are working with ten objects, the total is 55.


Brain Eraser # Two

This one works only with ten objects. Turn your back to the audience and hang your arms at your sides.  Have your fingers touch your legs and imagine that each one represents the numbers between 1 and 10.


When the audience member calls out the numbers, lift the corresponding fingers, until one is left touching the leg. The corresponding number will be the object left out on the list (see Memory of an Elephant).


Tough Man with Lock-Jaw

Lifting and swinging a person with your teeth can be entertaining, or it can get you thrown in jail.  Itís a good one if youíre trying to entertain.

Neck muscles are much stronger than people think, especially if they are exercised. The lifting is easy. The secret is knowing that it canít be done with teeth. It can only be done with the pressure of a mouth piece going against the upper concave part of your mouth.


Take a 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 foot piece of canvas and attach a small chain to each corner. The four chains are held together with a longer one attached to a hook that you have wrapped with leather for your mouthpiece. Glue enough leather to fit snugly into your mouth. AT THE RISK OF BODILY HARM...


Now tell the volunteer to lie down on the canvas and make sure that heís well balanced. When ready to lift, bend your knees. Put pressure on your upper legs with your hands as you straighten your legs and start lifting.


One-Finger Lift

Very few people know that they can lift more weight with one finger than they can with both hands.


Place a heavy weight (it could be a block of steel) between your legs. Attach a hook to the weight where youíll lift from. Put the third finger of the lifting hand through a ring that is attached to the hook. The finger must fit tightly and snugly. Make sure to get a good hold when curling it around the ring. Bend the knees and place the free hand on one knee and keep the lifting arm straight the entire time.


Start the lifting by straightening the legs and putting more pressure with the hand on the knee.  This stunt can be achieved easily with practice.


Many men can lift over 400 pounds. When doing it for the first time, lift a small amount of weight and work your way up.


Run-Over Fun

A man lies on the ground while a car is driven over his body. After the stunt, he comes out unharmed.


Secret: There is only one way to do it semi-safely.  The man lies between two ramps placed at the thighs, and one inch shorter than his body while flattened to the ground. When the car drives up the ramp and the front wheels are on his body, he doesnít feel it because all the weight has been shifted to the lower back wheels. When the front wheels have passed over him, the car is now pointing down on the other side of the ramp, shifting the weight to the hood and making the weight of the back wheels pain-free as well.

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