Pin City

Some people who say they can predict your future will give a public demonstration to prove it. Everyone is guided to a room with a 2 X 3 foot map of the United States that is attached to a cork board hanging on the wall. The fortune teller writes something on a piece of paper, puts it in an envelope, seals it and asks a volunteer from the audience to put it in his pocket.


He then puts a blind fold on the volunteer and places him in front of the map. He hands the volunteer a pin and tells him to wave his arm around in circles

and push the pin anywhere into the map.


After he has done this, the blind fold is taken off and the volunteer is instructed to call out the name of the city that is closest to the pin. He’s then told to take the envelope from his pocket, open it and read the paper. It is the same city that is stuck with the pin.


Secret: This is not a true prediction, it’s a trick.


The fortune teller seats everybody five to ten feet away from the map because there is already a pin in it, but you can’t see it from that distance. The only one that has a chance of seeing it is the volunteer, that’s why he’s blindfolded.


The reason the fortune teller places the blind folded volunteer directly in front of the map is to block the audience’s view of where he is placing the pin. The fortune teller takes a flashlight and boldly shines it on his pre-placed pin and tells the volunteer to take off the mask.


While the audience watches the pin and the volunteer takes off the mask, our friendly fortune teller casually leans against the part of the map with the other pin and palms it. The volunteer is then asked to name the city closest to the pin and it just happens to be the same city written in the envelope.


Memory of an Elephant


Have a person list 30 objects numbered from 1-30.


Once done, the volunteer gives you the list which you are allowed to study and memorize for one minute.


When you hand the list back, you prove your memory skill by recalling each object in order.


Then the volunteer is instructed to mention any of the numbers at random and you are able to recall the objects listed for that number. The volunteer can also mention any of the thirty objects, and you are able to recall its given number.


The Human Computer:


To do this, memorize 30 numbers with keywords that can trigger an action. See my codes below. Let’s start with number 1.


I use the key word “Gun” for number 1 because it rhymes making it easier to remember. For the action I picture the object getting shot.


Let’s say the volunteer lists “book” as the object for number 1. Since I memorized 1 = Gun, I picture the book getting shot by a gun as the action that triggers the memory. When I am asked to recall number 1, I think of “Gun,” and immediately remember the book getting shot. If the person names the object and says ”book,” a book getting shot comes to my memory which equals ”Gun.” Gun = 1.


Once a mental picture for an action is locked in for a number, quickly go to the next object until you’ve completed the person’s list. With a little practice, images will pop into your head rapidly making you a human computer.


Below you’ll find a list for 30 words that I think are best. To start, practice with ten and work up as you get comfortable. Stick with the formula.


Key Words:


Number One = Gun

The action is:

Shooting the object with a gun.


Number Two = Blue

The action is:

Painting the object blue with a brush.


Number Three = Key

The action is:

Holding the object in a key ring.


Number Four = Flower

The action is:

Imagine smelling the object as if it were a flower.


Number Five = Dry

The action is:

Using a blow dryer on the object.


Number Six = Sea

The action is:

The object is floating in the sea.


Number Seven = Heaven

The action is:

An angel is carrying the object to Heaven.


Number Eight = Crate

The action is:

Placing the object into a big crate.


Number Nine = Pine

The action is:

The object is balanced on a pine cone.


Number Ten = Pen

The action is:

Writing on the object with a pen.


Number Eleven = Hell

The action is:

Picture the Devil holding the object stuck on its pitch fork.


Number Twelve = Self

The action is:

Carrying the object on myself.


Number Thirteen = Drinking

The action is:

Drinking a glass of water that contains the object.


Number Fourteen = Flirting

The action is:

Two people are kissing.


Number Fifteen = Lifting

The action is:

Lifting the object with my finger.


Number Sixteen = Sweet Sixteen

The action is:

The object is immersed in honey.


Number Seventeen = Pouring

The action is:

The object keeps pouring out of a pitcher.


Number Eighteen = Eating

The action is:

Eating the object.


Number Nineteen = Hammering

The action is:

A hammer keeps smashing the object.


Number Twenty = Penny

The action is:

A penny is standing on top of the object.


Number Twenty-One = Sun

The action is:

Covering the object with sun tan lotion.


Number Twenty-two = Shoe

The action is:

Putting the object into a shoe.


Number Twenty-Three = Flea

The action is:

A flea is hopping on the object.


Number Twenty-Four = Saw

The action is:

Sawing the object.


Number Twenty-Five = Beehive

The action is:

Bees are buzzing around the object.


Number Twenty-Six = Trick

The action is:

Holding a top hat where the object is produced from.


Number Twenty-Seven = Shaven

The action is:

Shaving the object with an electric shaver or razor, whichever you prefer.


Number Twenty-Eight = Gate

The action is:

The object is standing in front of an iron gate.


Number Twenty-Nine = On the Line

The action is:

Placing the object parallel to a line.


Number Thirty = Dirty

The action is:

Washing the object since it’s dirty.


Note: It is not only a very entertaining stunt, it is also a skill that trains the mind and can be used in everyday life.


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