by Jim Rose



I Know the Music Playing in Your Head!


I saw this mentalist in Belgium last year during the Ghent Festival who had a little act that was so sweet I can’t wait to describe it for you.


The performer had ten cassette tapes that all looked the same because there were no markings.  He demonstrated that each one had a different type of music by playing a little from each one Rock N’ Roll, Violin Solo, Jazz, Rumba, Folk, Sinatra, Spiritual, Opera, Sousa March, and Reggae. When finished, he’d mix them all up and put them in a bag which was handed to an audience member. He’d write something on a piece of paper and ask the volunteer to reach in and pick out any cassette. The one he picked was the violin solo. He asked the volunteer to read the prediction which said “Violin Solo.”


Secret: No one caught it but me. Each cassette had ten seconds of different style of music, but the rest of it was the violin solo.


Magazine, Anyone?

For this “telepathy” trick take six Newsweek magazines. Replace the covers of five of them with covers from other editions. Now they look like different issues, but the inside pages are all the same.


First, the performer shows the six “different” magazines to the audience and asks a volunteer to  pick one. The performer walks back to the table and nonchalantly puts four magazines down and keeps one to show the volunteer what he has to do.


He says, “pick any page and say out loud which one you chose.” The volunteer is asked to look at the page very carefully, but not to show it to anybody.


Meanwhile the performer secretly scans the same page in his magazine paying attention to titles, pictures, and most of all the last word before putting it down. He asks the volunteer to concentrate on his page as hard as he can. He explains that telepathically he can recreate the page on the chalkboard. The performer slowly does a rough sketch and writes the final word that was on the page. The volunteer is then asked to verify the sketch and last word, which of course represents his page.


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