Sawing a Woman in Half - Mirror Mirage

by Jim Rose


Sawing a Woman in Half

A woman lies down in a long box, with her head and feet sticking out. The illusionist cuts the box in half through the middle, then separates the halves.  The head and feet are usually seen moving. When the two halves are brought back together, the woman

comes out of the box unscathed.


Secret: Many methods have been used to create the effect. The secret of this famous illusion is that two women are used. The illustrations show their positions.


Sawing a Woman in Half Illustration


Mirror Mirage


Tell your audience that all mirrors can fool people.  Here is an amusing stunt: have someone stand in front of a mirror with a magazine-size piece of paper and a pencil. Tell him to look at the paper through the mirror (not at the paper) and to draw a cross from corner to corner. You’ll see that nobody is able to draw straight lines by looking through a mirror.  Secret: The reason is, since things in the mirror are reversed, the person draws under an unfamiliar circumstance.


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