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The contents of this section are dangerous. Misuse of the material can cheapen an art form or at the very least make you look stupid. More importantly, misuse of this information may result in jail time or death. Do not attempt any of these tricks without the direct supervision of a responsible professional.


The Ring Sting

The Ring Sting requires two hustlers, we will call them Fred and Bill.


Bill drives up to a gas station, dressed in his Sunday best. After paying for two dollars worth of gas and using the restroom, he comes out whelping about how somewhere on the lot he lost his wife’s diamond ring that he was going to get repaired. He frantically gets the gas station attendant to help him look all over the place for it. After a thorough and frustrating search, he leaves his phone number along with an offer of a $400 reward for its return.


Fifteen minutes later Fred walks up, dressed like a bum, and asks to use the restroom. He then walks up to the gas station attendant with a diamond ring in his hand and says: “Look what I found by the can, I bet it’s worth 200 dollars. Do you want to buy it?”


In most cases the attendant remembers the 400 dollar reward and heads straight to the cash register to get the 50% investment.


By the time he figures out that the ring is a six dollar Woolworth special and the phone number is to a pay phone down the street, they are long gone.



People tend to drive more slowly in alleys. Hus132tlers know this and often sneak out of the bushes while you’re driving by to smack your car loudly and fall to the ground screaming in agony. When you stop to help they demand cash angrily for their injury.


It’s their alley and their neighborhood. It’s safer just to pay the fifty dollars and leave, than to get into a fight.


Ladies, when you park your car and go in to exercise or shop, someone may be watching. He will pop the hood and disconnect a wire. When you come out and can’t start the car, he will come up and offer some help. After tinkering around under the hood he will say: “This usually costs about a hundred and fifty dollars to fix, but let me get my screwdriver and see what I can do.”


After acting like a lot of work is being done he will tell you to try and start the engine. This will put you behind the wheel and unable to see how easy it is to pop the connector back on. When the car starts he will try to get twenty dollars for his time or a date or both.


Another unscrupulous way that the slime meet girls is by running secretarial help wanted ads with very high pay and stating “must be able to travel.”


It’s the travel part that lets them know you are probably single.


Three Penny Smack

This scam requires 2 people working together.


One goes into a bar and strikes up a conversation with somebody. The other acts like a drunk and stays outside. The drunk walks in later and becomes part of the conversation without acting like any of them know each other.


The drunk acts surly. He offers to flip pennies for a drink. The two “evens” have to buy the “odd” a drink. While the drunk isn’t looking, the hustler tells the victim: ”This guy is so drunk, he doesn’t know what’s going on. You flip first, the drunk second and I’ll flip third. It doesn’t matter what I flip because he’s too drunk to see. So I’ll call whatever is needed for one of us to win.


Let’s have some fun with this guy and get some free drinks.”


Of course the fake drunk is conveniently out of ear shot while his partner is telling the victim how to win. The drunk loses along with the victim, so they pitch into buying the hustler his drink.


While the drunk goes into the bathroom as planned, the hustler says to the victim: “See how easy it was?” and gives him his money back. When the drunk returns, he pulls out a wad of cash and challenges them to a bet. The hustler whispers to the victim that they will split the winnings. Sure enough, the hustler is the “odd” man. The drunk and the victim pay up. The hustler winks at the victim and motions for them to go outside.


Just when they start to split the money, the drunk walks out and says: ”Hey you two are con men.


You cheated me out of my money. I’m going to call the police.” The hustler says: “No, no, don’t call the  cops, we just met at the same time you walked up.”


The drunk: “Well then, you walk on out of here, and I will stay with your friend for a few minutes to make sure.” The hustler agrees and whispers to the victim that he will be back in thirty minutes to split the money with him.


The drunk walking out at the perfect time is the “blow off.” The “blow off” is used to give the guy with the money the time to get away. The story ends when the fake drunk meets up with the hustler to split the victim’s money.


As with most cons, the mark thought he saw an opportunity for easy cash but instead he got cheated.


There is some truth in the old saying: ”You can’t cheat an honest man.”


Bon Appétit!

Ever been really hungry for steak and lobster, but didn’t think you could afford it? Some people never worry about money. They don’t dine and dash unless there’s an open window in the bathroom. They are far more clever and have a plan.


For example: The hustler sits down, eats dinner and gets the check. When no one is looking, he puts the check in his pocket, stands up and acts like he sees something on the floor. He bends over and “finds” a ring under his table. He goes to the people sitting closest and says: “I just found this ringunder my table. I’m going to give it to the manager in case someone comes back to claim it. I’m going to point where I found it. When you see me pointing to you, just wave so he knows the area where the ring was found.”


The hustler secretly puts the ring back into his pocket and walks up to the host. He talks for a minute about the weather or something, and says: “Those nice people are picking up my check.” When he points to the people who were sitting by him, they wave back. Then the con artist walks out with a free dinner in his stomach.


This next “belly buster” takes two people. The first person walks in to a Denny’s, sits at the counter and orders a steak dinner. A few minutes later his friend walks in and sits next to him and orders a cup of coffee. They act like they don’t know each other.


When no one is looking, they switch checks. The person who ate the steak dinner takes the coffee check to the cashier, pays for it and walks out. After he has had enough time to get away, the coffee drinker turns his steak dinner check over and complains that all he had was coffee. He refuses to pay for a steak dinner he did not eat. The two hustlers meet up later and go to another restaurant and reverse the roles so they can both have a free meal.


It’s in the Mail

To some these methods are too troublesome. They prefer going to the post office to pick up their free goods instead. First, they write down the customer service addresses of all the products they use. Then they send complaint letters to each of them. It’s usually standard practice for the companies to settle the grievance by sending a free coupon to replace the

faulty product.


Homeless and Rich

It’s painfully obvious that most panhandlers are destitute and living the existence of our nightmares:  derelicts, addicts, or victims of horrible luck barely scraping by. Their only moments of peace are their nightly naps in the gutter. These poor souls should be helped as much as possible.


Unfortunately, a lot of well intended donations get into the wrong hands.


A good panhandler can make six figures. One sure way is to have a female partner. He then approaches people with a hard luck story connected with his new bride who is now two months pregnant.


Another old trick they use is to rub globs of vaseline in their eye lashes and act blind. The New York police call them “blinkies.”


Keep the Receipt

The hustler goes to a dry cleaning establishment.


When the cleaner turns his head, he reaches over the counter and steals his receipt book. Once outside he writes, “$19.95 Stain Removal Sweater,” on a receipt.


He then goes to a restaurant with a story about his wife who had been in a week ago. She got mustard on her new sweater, and the waitress told her to get it cleaned and bring back the receipt. He acts embarrassed because his wife is making him do this.


Since the receipt is under twenty dollars, they usuSTREETally give him the money. Hustlers have been known to scam as many as five restaurants an hour.


The Yard Stick to Riches

Ever go to a gas station or store with a yard stick and swipe it under the vending machines? It’s one of those socially embarrassing types of treasure hunt, but very rewarding. You usually can knock several quarters your way.



The contents of this section are dangerous. Misuse of the material can cheapen an art form or at the very least make you look stupid. More importantly, misuse of this information may result in jail time or death. Do not attempt any of these tricks without the direct supervision of a responsible professional.

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