Magical Ball of Paper - Dirt in Eyes - Dry as Water

Name the Card - Valentine Trick - One Good Apple

by Jim Rose


Magical Ball of Paper


Present a small ball of paper to an audience member. Ask him to inspect it, then have it placed in the middle of your palm. Close your hand into a fist and open it again. The little ball disappears mysteriously. Close and open it again, and the pellet reappears much to the amusement of the audience. This can be done several times.


Secret: Before the presentation, stick a small piece of beeswax to the nail of your third finger. When closing your hand, grab the pellet with the third finger. When opening your hand again, show it at the proper angle so the paper ball is not shown.



Dirt in Eyes


The performer holds his eyes open while audience members dump buckets of dirt in them. He twitches for a second, then tears stream down his face, but his vision is fine.


Secret: The secret is to microwave the dirt to kill bacteria, and to use large contact lenses.



Dry as Water


Fill a fish bowl to the rim with water and ask someone from the audience to drop a coin in it. Dip your hand in the bowl. Retrieve the coin and show that your hand is still dry.


Secret: To perfect this stunt, sprinkle some Lycopodium powder on the surface of the water. This powder has no adhesives so it will keep the water away when you plunge your hand in.


Name the Card


Put a deck of cards in a large clear glass. Hold the glass at armís length with the cards facing the audience. Mysteriously you are able to name each card before removing it from the deck.


Secret: You need a small mirror that you attach to a ring painted flesh color. A dental one is perfect. The ring/mirror is placed on the index of the hand that holds the glass, facing the front of the card.  This effect can also be done if you stick a small mirror on a piece of beeswax which is set on the tip of the index finger. Hold the finger in front of the card, so that the card is reflected in the mirror.


Valentine Trick


Place the queen of hearts on the back of your hand. Prop it up against a sewing needle that you hold behind the card between the index and third finger. People cannot see a sewing needle from three feet away, so it looks like the queen is balanced on the back of your hand.


One Good Apple


The performer has a bag of apples placed on a table. He explains to the audience that with intense concentration anyone can break an apple from stem to core with the bare hands.  The performer chooses an apple from the bag and gives a few to the volunteers who want to try. To show them he holds the apple straight up, putting one hand on one side, the other on the other side, and twists in opposite directions. While everybody is trying unsuccessfully, his apple breaks in half.


Secret: This feat is more than technique because the apple has been altered.  Prior to the demonstration, the performer pushed a long thin needle through the stem and into the core.  By moving the needle from side to side and close to the skin it cuts the inside of the apple in half.  After this stunt, the performer can impress the audience even more. He can give a tricked apple to a volunteer explaining it only takes complete  concentration to increase strength. When the volunteer succeeds, the performerís feat is proven.


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