Georgia Magnet - Devilish Broomstick - Vanishing Glass

by Jim Rose


Georgia Magnet


Hold a broomstick in front of you with both hands, and ask a volunteer to push against it to throw you off balance. Because of your “mystic powers” the person will lose his strength and won’t be able to budge you.

Secret: First of all, to make this experiment more impressive, choose a strong man. Hold a broomstick horizontally about one foot away from your chest, the hands placed wider than your shoulders, arms bent at a 90 degree angle. Ask the volunteer to stand in front of you, and to grab the stick at each end. Now tell him to press against the broomstick to push you over without any jerking.  If you keep the broom close to your chest and always push up, he won’t be able to knock you over.


Devilish Broomstick


Hold a broom above the bristles vertically in front of you and two feet above the floor.  Ask five volunteers to hold the top of the broom.  Now challenge them to push the broom downward until the bristles touch the floor.  No matter how hard they try, they won’t be able to do it, even though there are five people against one.

Secret: To swerve the downward energy, move the broom slightly to either the left or the right. It will make them push sideways and not downward.


Vanishing Glass


This trick makes a glass disappear through a table while the audience is paying attention to a quarter.  It is important this is done while you’re sitting

at the end of a table, or sitting where no one has a view from the side.

Place a quarter pretty close to the edge of a table and put the glass upside down covering it. Now say:  “We can see the coin through the glass and hear it rattle when I move the glass back and forth. If I wrap a paper bag on top of the glass, we can’t see the quarter, but we can still hear it if I move the glass. When I lift the wrapped glass up, we can still see the coin.”


While doing this, bring attention to the quarter.  Repeat this move a few times to set them up. The second time secretly let the glass fall gently onto

your lap. The wrapping will maintain the frame of he glass and appears as though it is still inside. Set the empty wrapper back onto the quarter and crush it flat on the table with the same hand. Right away bring the glass from under the table with the other hand. It looks like the glass passed through it.


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