Life-like figures are molded out of zinc and hand painted.


CLEARWATER - Seventy-six-year-old J. C. Pruitt swears that the brightly striped wooden cane he totes has nothing to do with his age or walking abilities.


It's a prop, he says, part of his act.  And, sure enough, there Pruitt goes, jumping out of his chair to poke that cane through the air and launch into his instructional performance.


Pruitt's show is the J. C. Pruitt Miniature Circus, billed as "A Replica of the Old-time American Circus."  It's a traveling show of more than 10,000 tiny pieces that Pruitt made himself, one at a time.  The assembling took seven years; Pruitt say the showing is his life's work.


Clearwater Times by Michelle Mecke July 25, 1980

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