Hagene Brothers Circus, 1935


Panoramic view of Rudy Hagene's "Hagene Bros. Little Wonder Circus 1935


Showing ground layout of entire show, with cook house in direct foreground (steam boiler wagon with sides down to its left) and plank wagon being drawn on lot with four teams of horses.  All bigger tents not yet raised.  Blacksmith shop to the right with horses on way to pad rooms and horse stables which are not on this view.



Wagon view, showing five new cages of handcarved animals, new calliope (old Carl Hagenbeck Model) and world bandwagon with eight horse hitch.  Rudy Hagene owner and builder, of Hagene Bros.  Little Wonder Circus of Ashland, Wisconsin



Panoramic view of Hagene Bros. Little Wonder Circus -- 1935


Showing entire layout of 24 feet in length big top with back yard tents at the left, with menagerie and sideshow to the right.  Notice grandstand, star back seats under big top.  Everything can be packed into the 40 miniature wagons.  Built entirely, by Rudy Hagene.



Hagene Bros.

Little Wonder Circus


Photos by E.J. Born



 July 8th 1954 Photo by Olsion Photo Service Assaria Kansas.


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