Human Freaks Up Close


The Only Living Man with a Broken Neck

What a Rush!!!

Tate Mummy


Allan Herschell Company

Devil Child

Magic Midway

A Night on the Bowery

Lion Head

Miniature Bible

Hale's Traveling Museum

Dr. Roman Ostoya

Yogi Mystic Fakir

Little Ruth

Hair Tail


Pitchcard Collection 4

Pitchcard Collection 3

Pitchcard Collection 2

Pitchcard Collection 1

Bed of  Nails

Magic Wheels

Herr Heidrich Haag

Paul Desmuke


Unknown Title

Homeliest Woman in the World

C.W. Parker Amusements


Largest Elephant Hide

The Follies

Fun House

Living Skeleton Dead

Ossified Roy

Armless and Harmless

Alive from the Grave

Prof Frantz & Lobster Girl Baby

African Dip

$5000 Reward - Cardiff Giant

Free Acts

Monkey Motordrome

World's Smallest Bible

Edward S. Willis

Jack Kochman's Hell Drivers 


Animals Shows & People

Eddies Hut

Jig Show

Yankee Robinson Circus Show

Female Impersonators

Account of a Dwarf

Giants and Dwarfs

Gang Busters

Reginald Marsh

Last Supper Wax Show

Barnum & London United Shows

Bound by Flesh in Theatres

Vintage Sideshow Photos

Frank McKeown - Armless

Photographer of Circus

& Carnival People

Monkey Business

The Russian Carnival

Story of a Knife Swallower

Ernie Len Worlds Strangest Boy

Meeky the World's Strangest Little Boy

Madame Howard

Peep Show Signs

Octoman Rudy Santos

Monkey Girl

The Lion Man

Strange as it Seems

Great American Menagerie

And it's Only a Dime Folks

Florida Firemen

Trans Atlantic Expo Signs








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