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New York World' Fair Walter's International Wax Museum

The California Alligator Farm

Gopher Hole Museum


The California Alligator Farm

Wyoming Frontier Prison

Totem Pole Park

The Thing?

Canada Roadside Attraction

Harry's Kurio Kastle

Dinosaur Park SD

Famous Roadside America

Big Joe

Perry's Nut House


4 Tusk Walrus

1000 Animals


Seeing is Not Always Believing

Cannibal Cutlery


Bottle House Ghost Town Rhyolite, Nev.

World of Wonder Canada's


Snake Farm 10c Admission

Canada's World of Wonder


Ross Allen's Snake Milking

The Mystery Spot


Mitchell Corn Palace

The Mystery House


Marsh's Sea Shell Factory


Mitchell Corn Palace

Mystery Spot



Carnival Diablo Commercial 2013

Dean Eldredge Museum


Knott's Berry Farm

The Museum Club


Ft Sumner NM



Florida Wildlife Museum located on U. S. 19 three miles south of Weeki Wachee.  Over 400 beautifully mounted specimens.  Outstanding color slides available. - no others in the world like them.   Gifts and Souvenirs.  Jacob S. Foxbower, Owner Route 4, Box 403T20, Brooksville Florida.  Circa 1950






One Log House in Northern California. "Famous 'ONE LOG' HOUSE cut from Redwood tree over 2100 years old. Art Schmock and a helper needed 8 months of hard labor to hollow out the log into a room 7ft. high and 32 ft. long, weighing about 42 tons."








Attraction Bear Near Lake Placid New York







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