Seeing is Not Always Believing


The remarkable freak of nature of which a reproduction is shown is a section of a mulberry tree which grew in the rear of a carriage shop in Savannah, Ga.  The tree in its infancy was hidden by weeds and a great quantity of scrap metal was thrown around and upon it with the results that as it grew the metal became imbedded in the trunk and actually became a part of the tree.  The tree as shown in the picture is ten inches in diameter at the top and twenty-two inches at the bottom:  clinging and twisted all through the trunk are the following pieces of metal: at the top the iron framework of a buggy dashboard just below is the buggy and farther down the axle, weighing sixty five pounds and sticking out at right angles from the trunk.  The weight of this piece was so great that it caused the tree to incline to one side.


Here also the hook of a log chain appears attached to the chain, which except for three links which protrude from the trunk at another point, is entirely imbedded.  What the actual length of the chain is can only be guessed.  Below this are two other wagon axles and then a steel shaft and twenty-four inch pulley, possible part of an ole cotton gin.  Last and most wonderful of all is a complete plowshare and beam grown solidly into the base of the trunk.  This great natural curiosity is judged to be about 28 years old and as an example of natures resourcefulness in circumventing obstacles to growth is without an equal.  It is much a remarkable phenomenon that many people who have once seen the tree have returned later to make a further inspection, believing that it was impossible as a natural freak and that the various pieces imbedded in that trunk must have been inserted by artificial device.


July 31, 1912



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