Perry's Nut House


Perry's Nut House has been referred to as a Maine institution since 1927 when I.L. Perry first opened his doors to sell pecans and other assorted nuts. Mr. Perry took advantage of a bumper crop of pecans in Georgia, bringing the taste of the South to the folks of “Downeast” Maine. He also had added some curios and museum pieces collected on his travels. This was so successful that Mr. Perry needed a larger shop to do business in, so he move Perry’s to his cigar factory on Route 1. Originally a sea captain’s home, Perry used it to store and make cigars, before turning it into the Nut House.



As Perry’s reputation grew, not only for the unusual, but quality goods as well as the tasty nuts, such notables as Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Waldo Pierce (prominent painter and friend of Ernest Hemingway,) Fay Emerson (film and television actress,) and Pierre Monteux (symphony conductor and instructor) were counted among the many customers. At the time, Perry was mentioned in the same breath as promoters Ziegfield and P.T. Barnum.



After many years and several owner changes, most of the curios and museum pieces were auctioned off in 1997 in a plan to develop the bay-view property into condominiums. But so many people still came looking for Perry’s (along with its unusual displays and merchandise) that the plan never came to pass and the business was restarted.



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