Cannibal Cutlery: Story of a Fijian Fork


One of these things is not like the otherrrrrrr..."


I held in my hands a piece of yellowish wood about the length of a letter opener. That famous kidsí ditty from public TV bounced cheerily in my head as I looked it over, puzzled. What made it so great that it shared a curio cabinet shelf with the charismatic and immensely popular shrunken heads?


A moment before I had been dusting inside one of our curio cabinets here at Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, and my attention had been caught by this simple wooden object. There were four prongs encircling one end and a sort of handle on the other. No ornamentation, no paint, no varnish.


A small string tag dangled from one of the prongs. "CANNIBAL FORK FIJI," it read.

Really?!  I was aware of the foolishness of standing mere inches from an armful of bona fide South American shrunken heads, and feeling indignant. In such company, why take so against this homely utensil?


Nevertheless, I felt mildly outraged at this example of cultural ignorance and silly exaggeration. I locked up the case and repaired to the nearest computer for some research. Cannibal fork, my eye. Iíd see about that!


And I did. See about that, I mean. What follows is what I found.


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