Pedro the Pygmy Mummy

Mummies Alive!

Booths Mummy - David E. George

Hazel Farris

Reliquary Impressions

Tate Mummy

Police Jail Mummy, 200,

in Grave Situation

Marie O'Day 

Prof. Worth's Museum Egyptian Mummy

Mummy in the Dark


E. M. Worth's

American Museum

Julia Pastrana


Life-size Peruvian Mummy Sideshow Gaff

The Forgotten Mummy

  Fortean Mummy

Examining McGinty

  Corpse Unburied for Many Years
 The Battle of the Petrified Men   Alleged Booth Mummy 
Soapy Smith's Petrified Man   See Little Girl Turned to Stone
The Booth Mummy    
The Case of the Fallen Mummy


Great American Sideshow    
San Diego Mummy


Leaves Norway for Mexico Burial


E. M. Worth's

American Museum

Three Finger Jack  


Mummy of Nine Foot Indian

Found in California

A Short History of Marie    
Charlie Campbell


The Mummy



Hazel Farris












Nelson Supply House Mummies






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