Police Jail Mummy, 200, in Grave Situation



SANTA ROSE, Calif.  Police have taken a 200-year-old mummy into custody and advised its owner to get an attorney.


The mummy was seized from John Strong's World of Wonder sideshow at the Santa Rosa County Fair after police became suspicious because it looked "too real."  It was.


Police took the remains in a holding cell in City Hall on grounds that it is against the law in California to possess a human corpse.   Officials advised Strong to find a lawyer.


Strong said he bought the mummy nine years age in Reno, Nev.  He was  told it was the mummified body of Count Demonicus who lived somewhere in central Europe but not Transylvania he said.


Above photo when the Count was shown at Knott's Scary Farm in the 1980s.


John bought the mummy Count Demonicus in the middle 80s from an ad in the Amusement Business Magazine. He brought it  from an assemblyman in Reno for $2000.00. 


It was confiscated 20 years later in the Santa Rosa fair in northern California for showing human remains by the county coroner. there was a big full page article done in the Santa Rosa paper.



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