Mummies Alive

Will air April 19, 2015!


"Talking head" episode on McGinty/Sylvester is airing April 15th! Either on the History Channel of Smithsonian Channel. It is a Canadian show (Mummy's Alive/Mummies Alive) and there is some confusion as to where it will air within the U.S.


For more information click here Mummies Alive airs April 19, 2015


The series kicks off with an episode about ‘The Gunslinger Mummy,’ a mummy that has been on display at a Seattle curiosity shop since the 1950s. According to legend, he was an American Wild West cowboy, killed 120 years ago in a saloon shootout. He’s got what appears to be a bullet hole in his stomach, but using CT imaging technology and state-of-the-art, virtual autopsy techniques, investigators discover his story may have involved much more than initially thought. A notorious con man, the sideshow circuit, and a lesson on how to turn a buck using the myth of the Old West, all become part of the investigation.


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