The Forgotten Mummy

at Perry's Nut House Belfast Maine


In the late 1920's and early 30's when traveling the world was an exotic adventure, aristocratic people would journey to Egypt and bring back mummies, and when they came home, they would hold mummy unwrapping parties.  After guests gazed at the mummy and took the valuables found between the bandages, the mummy would be either thrown out, or used as firewood.


The mummy you see here was found by an American world traveler named Jack Williamson when he journeyed to Egypt in 1934 to conduct a small dig near the Valley of the Kings.  Upon returning home, he studied the mummy and wrote a book on how Egyptians practiced mummification.  He decided that the mummy would look better on display among his other artifacts if it was not fully unwrapped and so it stayed in his house until his death in 1945 from a poisonous snake bite.


The house and everything in it was left to his family, but it burned later that year before anyone could occupy it.  After that, Williamson's belongings were left for the family members to claim.  No one wanted his Egyptian artifacts especially the mummy.  At the point, everything was donated to a local library where it stayed in the basement hidden beneath crates and other junk.


In lat 2005, the new head of the library discovered the mummy along with all the artifacts and contacted the last remaining relative of Jack Williamson to see if she wanted the collection.  While she kept the artifacts, she didn't know what to do with the mummy.


She soon decided to donate it here to Perry's where it is a welcomed addition to the oddity displays, and has been named, "Jay".




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