Examining McGinty (Sylvester) during taping of Mummies Alive in Seattle, Washington. Jefferson Randolph Smith's II had the pleasure of being a "talking head," speaking about Soapy Smith and the theory of the identity of McGinty. 



This is the original McGinty. I believe it is the corpse of a man known only as "The Louisiana Kid," shot and killed in Creede, Colorado by Joe Palmer and possibly Soapy Smith during a gun battle. The "Kid," according to a Denver newspaper, was shot in the body and head, but somehow managed to escape, but was never found. I believe he died of his wounds and Soapy had him "petrified." Soapy toured and sold half-interests in the body until 1895 when he last sold it in Hillyard, Washington.

Sylvester is in Washington, with a bullet wound to the gut, and a shotgun blast to the head. A poor photo of McGinty taken in the 1890s clearly matches the body, arm, and leg positions. The circumstantial evidence is pretty positive. My theory on the "Kid" is just a theory, but a pretty good one considering the wounds, etc. Details of McGinty and Sylvester can be found in Jefferson Randolph Smith's II book, ALIAS SOAPY SMITH.


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