Soapy Smith's McGinty vs. Sylvester



Jeff Smith will be a talking head (interviewed in July) for a new show on mummies. This one episode will be about Sylvester the petrified man located at the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop in Seattle, Washington.


Those who have read ALIAS SOAPY SMITH know that Soapy Smith had a petrified man named McGinty. The book has a 19th century photo of McGinty, as well as the full story and facts of Soapy's possession of it between 1892-1895. Also included is a well-rounded theory of who McGinty/Sylvester may have been! The evidence is pretty strong, but the show plans to try to make a final determination if Sylvester is actually McGinty.

The image above is an older photo of McGinty/Sylvester taken outside near what appears to be a tent. Soapy sold his McGinty in Hillyard, Washington in 1895 and I believe this photo was taken when the petrified man went on display at the Alaska-Yukon exhibition in 1904.


Examining McGinty (Sylvester) during taping of Mummies Alive in Seattle, Washington. Jefferson Randolph Smith's II had the pleasure of being a "talking head," speaking about Soapy Smith and the theory of the identity of McGinty. 


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