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“Booth” Mummy Pictures

This gallery is devoted to the “Booth” mummy. The mummy is that of Enid, Oklahoma drifter, David E. George who took his own life in 1903. Before his death, George told residents of Enid that he was actually John Wilkes Booth. When the news spread, Memphis attorney Finis L. Bates came to identify the body. Years before in Texas, a man by the name of John St. Helen confided on his assumed deathbed to Bates that he was actually John Wilkes Booth. St. Helen survived his illness, told his whole tale to Bates, and skipped town shortly thereafter. Bates came to Enid and identified David E. George as John St. Helen. The local undertaker embalmed the body and it was a local attraction in Enid for many years. Bates bought the mummy and had it carted around carnival sideshows to expound his theory (and book) about Booth’s escape. While not John Wilkes Booth, the George/St. Helen mummy is an interesting piece of pseudo-history all its own.



The Mummy of David E. George on display at his Death Place of Enid, OK in 1903



The David E. George Mummy in the 1930′s



The originally damaged tin type Left of John St. Helen given to Finis Bates





Bently Sage, the eminent palmist, made a special trip to Enid to examine the hand of the notorious character, with the following reading as a result:


"I discover this hand to be of the speculate type, from which I learn that the subject was emotional, erratic and governed almost entirely by inspiration.  Persons who have this hand are controlled by impulse and are carried to extremes by the impressions of the instant.  They are what science might term impractical.  Or bright purpose and brilliant promise, they almost invariably fail to materialize their ideas.  They are ethereal and poetic.  Their hopes are rarely fulfilled and they are not only a disappointment to themselves, but they disappoint their friends by their failure to accomplish the real and material things of useful and practical life.

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