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Funerals, Sea Turtles & Percilla the Monkey Girl


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Caution some of the acts performed here may be harmful or fatal if not done properly. 

Do not attempt anything you see here without professional training


click card above - In 2011, Kapil Gehlot of Jodhpur

(India) pulled a 1600 pound car with his beard while wearing roller skates.



Todd Ray Venice Beach Freak Show


The Great Throwdini


Travis Fessler of the Pickle Brothers Sideshow

by John Graziano - courtesy of


Burnaby Orbax


Dan Meyer

by John Graziano


Jamie D. Grant


Cynthia Morrison


Todd Robbins




Cynthia Morrison






Parkhurst Ripley's Believe it or Not Trading Cards Issued in 1953








Circa 1940s Ripley's Believe It or Not! - RP - Promo Cover






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