Tis the night before Christmas when all round the lot,

Not a Carny was stirring, all asleep in their cots.

The banners are hung out front of their tops,

In hopes the next day, the crowd would give up a lot.


The fat lady snores, the thin man awakes,

While everyone else dreams of getting their take.

The nut will get paid, we hope to get more,

If the fair board dont expect us, to give even more.


Then out of the dark there arose such a clatter,

I thought it a beef, but what did that matter.

I jumped from my cot under the stage,

To see a large man run from the animal cage.


He was clothed in a cloak all covered with red,

I thought it was blood and soon hed be dead.

I stood all amazed as I watched when he passed,

That Jolly Old Elf, he could run really fast.


Ducked into the cookhouse in a flash did he,

Emerging with corndogs and Coke I could see.
He then took a ball from the dunk-em's backyard,
And knocked down the cats with a pitch thrown very hard;

Tripped on a guyrope and swore loud and hard.
For he'd broken his pipe, 'cause he'd let down his guard.
Composing himself like a grand talker would,
He lept to the bally as fast as he could.

Looking around, he picked up a sword,
Tried to swallow, but nicked his voice cord.
On down the midway he spied a weight scale,
He stepped aboard and I saw those springs sail.


His reindeer by the pie tent were making a mess,
But I found it most amusing, I must confess.

When the cook woke up early, to bake up his best,

With a loud OH MY GOSH!, I stepped in that mess.


Hurry along, don't dilly or dally,

Be back in enough time to make the first bally.

With a wink and a nod, a cough and a hurl,

He removed the old sword, with a twist and a whirl.



He jumped from the stage and run up the lot, climbed onto the  Jenny with excitement he did trot.


Then down off the horse and into the seat of the great round Eli Wheel so the stars he could meet.


Not a beef to be heard, not a bad word was said, As the little Old Elf round the corner with his sled.


Merry Christmas tonight to all that sleep here and best wishes to you as you start your New Year.


May your upcoming season be the best ever yet, and in just a short jump from where you will rest. 




Follow the arrows it's all downhill to the next spot,


Merry Christmas from Sideshow World

Please feel free to email me a few verses to add to this Christmas Greeting Sideshow World



John Robinson - AKA Utah Showman

Mark Frierson

D. Mephisto

Ward Hall

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