'Sideshow' 1931


Below glass movie lantern slide for the 1931 drama SIDE SHOW with Winnie Lightner and Charles Butterworth.


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'Side Show' at the Davis
Charles Butterworth Steals Winnie Lightner's New Talkie


Along with the other cinemas which are produced with the intention of glorifying the already much glorified big top is the latest release of Miss Winnie Lightner, "Side Show," which has set stakes at the Davis and Enright

In spite of the fact that Miss Lightner is pretty fair comedienne in the proper  rough and tumble atmosphere, she has not met with excessive success even in suitable material so that casting her as a benevolent big sister who falls in love and actually cries about it is obviously pitiable for both the performer and the audience.

Indeed, one is prone to comment apathetically with Mr. Charles Butterworth saying "I wish I had a bag of nice stuffed figs."  That perhaps is the most significant summary of "Sides Show" unless the nifty about the bowl of tapioca is more terse.

Miss Lightner is the little ray of sunshine in Colonel Gowdy's greatest show on earth.  She is desperately, even frantically in love with Joe, a barker, who appears to prefer Pat's little sister who joins the show during summer vacation.  One is led to believe that Joe deserts the show with innocent Irene, but in the climax it is exposed that he only returned her to the waiting arms of an admiring Jimmy back home and that Joe had come back for the forgiveness and passionate devotion of his darling Pat.  You can have your Winnie Lightner pouring kisses all over her lover, but I, with Mr. Butterworth, will have a banana fritter.

As far as a as a shaky story framework and the adaptability of Miss Lightner are concerned, "Side Show" is impressively unfunny.  However, here is always Mr. Butterworth making the most stereotyped humor sound fresh.  The charming Miss Evalyn Knapp goes to waste in a thankless task as the little sister as does Mr. Guy Kibbee as the inebriate old Colonial Gowdy. 


Pittsburg Press September 22 1931 - Manuel M. Greenwald.

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