"Gentlemen, and this show is for gentlemen only, the beautiful dancing girls will come out here in just a moment to show you some of what you will see inside the big tent in this exciting show. These girls love their work and they can't wait to show you just what they can do...

"They're going to do the hootchie kootchie for you inside, and you will see things you never dreamed were possible. They will wiggle and waggle and shake and shimmy, and they're going to show you everything you want to see. They are going to let you see how they can move every muscle in their beautiful little bodies.

"This is the show you've heard about. This is the one that they're all talking about. You will never forget what you see inside that tent tonight.


Here they come now, gentlemen. Let's give 'em a big hand and bring them out here. Here they come, and aren't they beautiful! There's Tammy and Lola, and the firey little redhead Fanny, and here comes Angel and little Debbie. They're excited and they're ready, and they can't wait to show you just what you want to see. Right inside the tent in just a few minutes..."


Pop Hayden - www.whithaydn.com





"Beautiful Hawaii"

Harlem in Havana

Flamingo Road

Barbara LeMay

Girl Show: In the Canvas World of Bump & Grind

British Girl Shows

Night in Spain

Brown Skin Showgirls


Girl Show

Pickled Punks and Girlie Shows 

World of Mirth Girl Show 1958

George Washington Pussycat Dancers

Carnival Strippers

La Femme

California Nudist


All Girl Revue Pitch

One of the Dolls


All Girl Revue Pitch

Carnival Dancer's Big Moment - 1


Interview with Al Stencell

State Fair Hired Famed Stripper


Sideshow Woman Shows All!

The Chocolate Revues


Girl Show - Strates' Midway

Exotic Midway Show


Broadway Playgirls

Gypsy Rose Lee - Royal American

Shows Tour Program 1949


"Peep" Backstage U.S.A

"Down the Rabbit Hole with the Carnivalesque Road Show"


Jungle Themed Sideshow

Carnival Rio


Bubbles Cooch Show

Girls on the Run!


Gypsy Rose Lee

The Wonderful World of the Girlie Show


Gypsy Joins the "Carny"


Street of Cairo - Coney Island


World's Fair Strippers - Sally Rand's

Nude Ranch - Thelma La Vern 1938


Professor G. W. Van

Sideshow Burlesque


Zorima Gardens


Royal American Girl Shows


Gypsy Ross Lee


CNE Striporama


A Great Burlesk


In the Flesh


 Dancing Girls & Hootchie Kootchie Shows




Girlie Show - by Richard Merkin

1949 Freak Show Coney Island? Brooklyn NY


Variety Review Coney Island

The Midway by Ray Winston Speer

Miniature Girlie Show

Flo Rockwood as she appeared - Girlie Show on the Hagenbeck Wallace Circus - circa 1929





Girl Show



Sally Rand and Her Star Studded Revue




Young Girl is Fascinated by a Tempting Glimpse the Public is Given of the Glamorous Show - 1958



Bloomsburg Fair Princess Zelia 1936


Bob Reynolds - Girl Revue



Gaiety Girls



Willie J. Jones Dis-Co Show Girls






Bozeman, Montana - by Arthur Rothstein







GYPSY'S HUSBAND Julio, who also has girlie show in the carnival, paints the entrance while Gypsy and son watch. His attraction is called Dream Show.



GYPSY'S FRIENDS in carnival include a sword swallower, fire-eater and this cheerful bearded lady, Percilla Bejano, whose husband is Alligator Man.





Girl on Bally Stage




Paradise Revue




Streets of Cairo Norman Parther calls in the tip for the girl show. The third girl in from the left is

Barbara Ann, a female impersonator…… Siebrand Bros Circus & Carnival early 1950′s.



Broadway to Hollywood Revue





Miss America and Here Royal Court






Live Girls on Stage




Latin Casino all Star Revue




Rock and Doll Girls Show




Club Reno - Featuring Terri O-Day




Follies Revue




 Gay Ninety's







 Paris After Midnight




 Show Fronts










Girls on Bally




 1939 - Zaza




 1933 Worlds Fair - Streets of Paris




Zalla Girls Show - Hoochie Coochie Show - circa 1920




1965 Playgirls




Sarong Girl's




Sailor in Front of what maybe a Backdrop of a Girl Show



 GLAMOUR GIRLS circa 1950's



Royal American Show - Club Lido
















Image courtesy of Brian Ezzelle











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