Barbara LeMay, the Glamazon!

The legendary Barbara Lemay! Transgender Burlesque Queen, Extraordinire!










Above images of Barbara LeMay, the Glamazon! courtesy of ladymissmeesh



Gone…Up In Smoke!



Barbara LeMay doing a reprise of the ‘Hoochie Show’ she performed in the carnival.


This is a freeze frame documentation of Gone…Up In Smoke! A student film by Daniel D. Teoli Jr. made in 1975 showing Barbara LeMay doing a partial reenactment of the ‘hoochie show’ she performed in the carnival. It was my final exam film for beginning filmmaking class at Los Angeles City College.


Unfortunately, when it came time to show the film for my final exam, the film department stopped me from screening it.  The teachers said the school would shut down the film department if they allowed me to show it.


It was a different world in the 1970’s. Almost no one had tattoos or piercings. Tuition at L.A.C.C. cost $6.50 a semester and Cal State L.A. was $63 a trimester. For one tuition fee a student could take as many classes as they liked. Houses near the Pico / Fairfax district in L.A., that sell for a million dollars now, only cost $25,000.


The film was shot on Super 8mm and has gone through many cycles of degradation, although it was not that high quality to start with. I thought Gone…Up In Smoke! was lost, but it eventually surfaced after being stored for 20+ years in an outdoor garden shed at my mom’s house. When I found it, I put the film on VHS video by projecting it on a blank wall and recording it with a video camera. Years later I copied the video tape onto a DVD. For the stills you see here, I played the DVD and shot the images off the TV screen.


Synopsis of Gone…Up In Smoke!


Barbara is shown enjoying her birds. She hears a knock at the door. Richard shows up. She grabs Richard by the collar and tells him to sit down. He makes some advances towards Barbara which she rebuffs. Barbara does a little modeling for Richard. She powders her privates then hits Richard in the face with the puff. Richard has lunch while he watches Barbara model and dance around. After lunch he lights up a cigarette and offers it to Barbara. Barbara tells him she does not smoke, but is willing to smoke it ‘down below.’  The smoking is so intense that when Richard goes in for a close-up inspection he takes in a lung full of smoke. After watching Barbara smoke the cigarette, front and back, Richard is in for a shock and passes out.




Daniel D. Teoli Jr - Social Documentary Photography


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Barbara LeMay was born Sammy Hoover in Morgantown W.V. and died in the early 1990’s.


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