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All Girl Revue Pitch


"Good afternoon Ladies, and Gentlemen, welcome to Coney Island's Dreamland Circus Sideshow.  Now Ladies and Gentlemen, we do have an obligation to the fair city of New York not to block this sidewalk midway so please take one step closer to my platform. 


We are going to bring out a few of the performers from the inside.  It's going to be all free entertainment, it cost you nothing to watch. 


Now Ladies and Gentlemen, if you'll move in close, move in tight, give your friends and neighbors an opportunity to enjoy the free entertainment, we would appreciate it very much.  Now if you'll look over to my left you can see that a few of the girls are beginning to come out now and over to my right, the tall blonde standing here beside me is the star of the show.  Her Name is Delilah.  She is known on all the higher class night clubs in Manhattan, and all of the larger carnival midways as the girl with the million dollar treasure chest. 


Now Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm not allowed to describe her act out here in the public but believe me once she begins up around the post office and ends up down around the court house.


Ladies and Gentlemen, you're going to know that you have been to a Red Hot Show it makes the old feel young and the young want to go feeling.  And guys you're going to come out of this show with you hands deep down in your pocket with a new grip on life.  Shaking hand with the unemployed. 


Now to all of you gentlemen, don't you dare leave the ladies on the outside.  This is a show for the ladies.  But ladies I must caution you about one thing, you've not going to a Sunday School Picnic.  This is Burlesque.  It's Spicy, It's Red Hot and it is Risqué, but by no means, way, shape or form is our show vulgar in any way. 


So make your way now to the ticket booths on my right and ticket booths on the left.


It's 5 minutes to go,  5 minutes to show, 5 minutes to get your front row seats, 5 minutes until show time an ladies and Gentlemen Please don't worry about your neighbor because your Grandma is already on the front row."


Bobby Reynolds


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