Daredevil Goes Over Niagara Falls in Special Steel Barrel


VERY few people go over Niagara Falls and live to remember it. Most of those who went over the edge for a supreme thrill, went simultaneously to oblivion. When Red Hill, Canadian daredevil, went over in his specially constructed steel tank, however, he made history, instead of a mess.

Previous to his latest exploit he succeeded in navigating the treacherous upper and lower rapids of the falls. When he negotiated these perilous trips he was strapped into his tank, as shown in the drawing at the right.


The padding and bracing of the tank are so arranged as to protect him from any severe jolts. A heavy belt around the waist, supported by elastic bands, takes up the heaviest part of the shock, while hand and foot braces absorb the remaining jar.



1 Red Hill with the steel barrel which he used in negotiating the treacherous Niagara rapids and in shooting over the falls.

2 - Hill fell the height of Niagara Falls, 196 feet, in his steel barrel and lived to tell about it.

3 - Hill was strapped in the tank and braced during his trip.


Sept. 1930 - Modern Mechanix


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