Lincoln J. Beachey (March 3, 1887 – March 14, 1915) was a pioneer American aviator and barnstormer. He became famous and wealthy from flying exhibitions, staging aerial stunts, helping invent aerobatics, and setting aviation records.


On June 27, 1911, he took off into a drizzle and flew over the lower falls of Niagara Falls, then above American Falls, before an estimated 150,000 spectators. He took his plane under “Honeymoon Bridge,” 20 feet (6.1 m) above the rapids. Local papers described his plane as looking like “a beat-up orange crate.”


He commented afterwards “it was a flight filled with more dangers than you can imagine. …I was never in such treacherous air currents.”  According to legend, Lincoln Beachey received $1,000 for the feat.


Beachey died just four years later performing stunts at the Panama-Pacific Exhibition in San Francisco.


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