Real Showman Lamarr @ his place of work, a 1952 Boat ride...I am humbled in his presence!!..

Every day when I stroll down the Midway, I always stop and say a few words to Lamarr.. Lamarr runs the 1946 Boat ride..


He is a little man, has limp and is blind in one eye... He always has stubble an speaks with a squeeky voice...  When he has no riders his face is buried in a Book..not comic books, or Art books but Fine literature...  He holds the book only a few inches from his face when he reads, cause you see, his good eye isn't so good... 


While Coney lives in his 400 grr House (allegedly)...Lamarr lives in a Bunkhouse...


While Zing counts his Beans... Lamarr collects his pay from the office...


While Dini yields his power in a "Disco mirrored Jacket" (WTF?)...  Lamarr labors in a Show shirt he gets for no charge cause he's earned that right... 


While B-rams cries about his religion being desecrated... Lamarr is thankful..Thankful because he shouldn't even be here.. You see when Lamarr was a little boy, he fell off his fathers tractor and was run over by a disc plow...when he finally woke up he was in a freezer at the morgue having been pronounced Dead...  Every day when I say "How's it goin Lamarr" he replies "ok for now, but you know I'm standin on a Banana peel" he dives back into his book..."How many Books you read this week Lamarr?"..."1 1/2 since yesterday" he squeaks back...


Lamarr is REAL, He's ALIVE and he could give a #>([ about arties, SSXSS, a parking lot, a Apartment, or a Beach with a Mermaid parade...or how he is, was or has,... Lamarr is content, has no regrets about the cards dealt him, He just reads his books, operates his ride, stands on his banana peel and hopes for the Best, (he's in his 50's)... a Lot can be learned from Lamarr,


I am Thankful He takes time to speak to me...if only for a few minutes...each Day..


The Curator


Photograph courtesy of The Curator

Lamarr and Jim Z

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