The Showman’s art…

As a Circus Ringmaster, I have found it necessary to master the art of eloquent public speaking…

After years of refining my abilities at hyperbole, in a moment of insight, I recognized that the art of writing was only a step away from making a pitch. A circus ringmaster is above all a pitchman . A pitchman captivates an audience with a well-told story…

A writer simply puts it to paper…


Every great Showman that I have ever met was, without exception, a master raconteur, and loved to captivate a group with a great jackpot …

None ever allowed the simple truth or the actual facts to stand in the way of a terrific story…

The stories told on the carnival midway comprise an oral history of this uniquely American form of entertainment…

Some of these stories outlive the storytellers and pass into legend. The scandalous, the outrageous, the monumentally egotistical, these are the popular subjects of the midway jackpot…

Cutting up jackpots is the next best thing to making money on the midway. There are hard-luck stories that can break your heart. There are stories of revenge. There are the stories of amazing comebacks. The best stories are about people who get a well deserved screwing when their own machinations somehow backfire…


Improv and ad-lib is a way of life on the midway. A good Showman earns his living with a well-timed killer crack . Every high-powered agent working a joint is an obscure and unknown comedian whose success is measured not in applause but rather in the day’s take…

The greatest compliment one Showman can pay to another is to say; “he’s got some great cracks”. A killer crack is one that is so devastatingly funny or so outrageously absurd that there is no possible comeback. Dropping one of these lethal one-liners at the opportune moment will slay the wise guys in the peanut gallery…

This is when you “hit the jackpot”…


Laszlo Kolozsy

Jackpots — Troupers’ tall tales (regular folks might say "war stories") of their former exploits. "Cutting up jackpots" is the expression given to swapping these stories. - Carny Lingo




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