The following Jackpot has caused some interesting feedback from the people that are from the show.  The names have been changed because there's not a bone of true in this tale.  Anyway the folks with the show have no idea who the person is that posted the auction.  I have emailed the seller because of their interest.  I finally received an emailed after several attempts to contacted the seller I was told The Penny was simply a clever visual metaphor used to personify the complex ethos of self esteem. We use talismans such as this to transfer real energy, but "I've been advised that if I sell it for money it will never work."  He also said that he was  just" an unemployed spiritualist trying to make a buck, unfortunately  I will have to figure something else out as I certainly cannot afford any bad karma. May you be blessed in life. Thanks for setting me straight." 


The seller that wrote the story had no contact with anyone from the show they just came through bought a pitchcard went home wrote and posted the auction. 


I'm sure you will find this if not interesting, clever, or maybe even a little strange.  Enjoy!



The Freak Penny’s story  - This is no ordinary penny!


A very strange occurrence that happened to me a few months ago as I was working a temp job at the State Fair. I was working the second shift as a sanitation engineer (emptying garbage cans at the fair park). My duty was to make one round and empty every trash can in the park, and I could finish my entire round in about 5 hours. The day and grave shift guys both took about 8 hours to do the same job, but I like to move quickly and I practically ran through the entire route every night!

The fair was in full swing and thousands of people were visiting. The park was hoppin’ and it was awesome to watch all of the different people and families together in the park. There was a feeling of excitement in the air every night.

The carnival that was hired to provide entertainment and rides was out of Springfield (I think) and as part of their midway, they brought in an old fashioned side show, including an actual freak show. People had to pay an extra three bucks to go inside a tent and view the exhibits.  Inside, there was a giant rat, a Cyclops pig, and many other very strange oddities.

The last trash can on my route was inside this “freak show” tent. I knew that if I were to head back at the end of my route to empty my trash cart in the dumpsters, my supervisor would send me back out to pick up litter in the parking lot until the end of my shift, so I tended to take my sweet time in that tent.


I had met the “freaks” the first night - a very nice young guy named Walter, who spit fire and swallowed swords, the barker, Norman, who had a shaved head, tattoos all over his body and drank whisky every night, Glenn, the strongman, Jenny”, a beautiful, sweet young woman with only one leg, and a gorgeous older gypsy woman named Viki. Viki had jet black hair, piercing eyes, and wore a sparkling belly dance outfit - she was the most elegant woman I have ever seen. Viki took care of all the freak animals, like the six legged cow and two headed turtle.


That first night Walter the “fire breather” had noticed me killing time and invited me to sit down in the back for a while and drink a Coke. We sat around a small folding table in a covered area behind the tent.  That first night, they were all laughing because the six legged cow was ill and had raised its tail and sprayed cow poop on a group of teenagers that were seeing the exhibits.  It was a lot of fun to hear their stories. I confided in them that I was hiding out from my supervisor to avoid extra work and they said it was cool if I wanted to hang out there with them between shows.

Every night I would spend a few hours hiding out, talking and helping out behind the tent.  I struck up a great friendship with Jenny I loved to talk to her about anything and everything. She had a great sense of humor, and cracked me up all the time. She probably thought I was crazy because I was a laughing fool around her. She actually made my stomach hurt from laughing.  She is also an amazing songstress.

On the last night, we were sitting at the table alone and she got dead serious. She told me about some of the difficult things she had faced in life because she was so different from other people. She said that growing up she had gone through terrible turmoil emotionally - especially as a teenager. The things she told me moved me to tears.

Then, she told me the story of when she met Viki the Gypsy. She told me that Viki was actually a real practicing gypsy. She told me how Viki had helped her to overcome issues with self esteem with her gypsy healing magic. Viki had taught her that the judgment of others told more about the person who was judging than it did about the person being judged. Jenny had bloomed into a beautiful example of how we should all try to become! I told Jenny that I did notice that all of the animals would run up to the edge of their pens when Viki walked up. She would pet them and talk to them, and they would eat it up! It seemed to me that those animals loved Viki like a mother.

Jenny told me that Viki the gypsy actually took care of all of the freaks, and she loved everybody like they were her own children. She told me that Viki and she had had a long talk the night before, and that my name had come up. Just as she said that, Viki walked up. I noticed the beautiful smile on her face. It seemed to me that she was somehow “glowing” with charisma or something (I can’t really explain it!) I couldn’t take my eyes off her!  She came and sat next to me. She went on to tell me some things that changed my life forever (some things that I won’t go into here).

She said that the universe was made of an energy that gypsies called “Abraxas” which loosely translated to “a manifestation of the great mystery”.  She told me that she had learned to conduct her life so that she could “connect” to this energy. She said that this energy is the source of all change, and that the true purpose of change was to allow and promote life and joy.  She said that this energy had drawn me to them and that she believed that I had a purpose I had to fulfill. She said that since this was our last night together, that she was going to give me an object that had been filled with this “Abraxas” energy and that I should treat this object with great respect and reverence. She said that my purpose would become clear in the upcoming weeks, and I should wear this object around my neck or keep it in my pocket until my purpose became clear.

At this point Viki looked at Jenny. She told Jenny to remember what she had been taught…that the path to true self esteem and self respect begins with helping others. Jenny smiled knowingly, reached into her pocket, pulled out this little bottle, and gave it too me. Inside the bottle was a very old penny. She told me that it is no ordinary penny…that it was actually “positive change” in a bottle. She told me to concentrate on it when I was alone, and the energy inside the penny would take my thoughts on a journey that would reveal the purpose I needed to fulfill. She said that this lowly penny was the only reason I was there with them that night. The penny has been passed from hand to hand since the beginnings of the Second World War in order to help the people in possession of it to accomplish the change they need to in order to progress. It had been originally “blessed” by an early sideshow fortune teller - who was actually a gypsy practitioner of Abraxas! The fortune teller had done this in order to transfer this energy from person to person.

The penny had been deposited into the mouth of a travelling mummy named Elmer McCurdy who was in an early travelling side show. Here it began its magic circle into this world as we know it. She said because of this beginning, that the coin had always eventually ended up the hands of freaks, as everything in magic tended to work in circles - always returning to its beginnings.

Viki laughed, winked at me and said she had no idea why the “freak penny” would pick a handsome janitor to move on to, but that was not her concern, as she only did what she was prompted to do by Abraxas. She kissed my cheek and said goodbye. That night I said my goodbyes to everyone and the next day they packed up the show and were gone.

My temp job at the fair ended and I went on with my life, wondering what the heck this “purpose” was all about. I did notice that every day I woke up with an optimistic attitude – and it kept up all day long! I tended to look for the positive – no matter what happened! I was full of amazing energy (even with no RED BULL!).  I kept the freak penny in my pocket all day, every day, for about three weeks. I had noticed that my dreams were crazy vivid and sometimes I would even wake up laughing! My creativity and imagination were magnified. I was excited just to be alive!!! Just about every morning, I would remember that I had been “told” something in my dreams…so I began to write it all down. Wild unexplainable coincidences were happening to me every day! My life was changing – for the BETTER!

So, about 3 days ago, I had this incredibly vivid dream. I woke up and I knew what I to do. In this dream, it was revealed to me that my purpose at this time was to somehow make sure that the right person sees and receives this freak penny. The energy contained within this freak penny revealed to me that someone out there was looking for change, and was now ready for its influence and power.

The person this freak penny is meant for is somehow drawn to or was a freak in some way, and the freak penny was trying to reach this person. It has been trying to reach you for some time now. I was shown that Jenny did not want to part with the freak penny, but because of some connection I had with her, she would give the freak penny to me. Through my dream, I knew that the power inside this freak penny had done it’s job in helping Jenny to change in the way she needed to and that it was time for the energy to move on to the next person.

I was to show this freak penny to as many eyes as I could, and the next person that was ready for positive change in their life and was “worthy” would end up with it. I saw that in time the freak penny would move on through another cycle, bringing change, “Abraxas” energy and joy to whoever used it.

I had been on-line auctioning some of the items from my fathers garage for some extra bucks, and I knew immediately that I should place this freak penny at auction - I knew that all kinds of freaks shop on on-line.

Please help the FREAK PENNY get in front of as many eyes as possible – send a link to this auction to everyone you know – for they may be the freak that the FREAK PENNY is looking for!!!

To the person this amazing penny is meant for –
* You enjoy carnivals, amusement parks, and a good story
* You collect curiosities and oddities (or want to start)
* You are attracted to freaks or you are a freak in some way
* You feel that helping others has a positive effect on you as well as the person you are helping
* You have a sense of humor
* Your ready to make an investment in good Karma
(the greater the investment, the greater the return!)
* You are ready for positive change


If you believe you are ready and worthy for positive change
fulfill your destiny in helping another person!


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